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February 4, 2013

Are You Desperate? I've Been There, Too!

I recently mentioned that I was planning to read "Desperate" by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson
I am - right now - in the midst of delving in to this book, and I can.not.even.begin. to tell you what an encouragement it is!


It is exactly what I have been needing, and I hope you will pick up a copy for yourself as well as any other mom you know!

Mae and Clarkson encourage moms to GET HELP! In a recent post, I explained that I had finally come to a place where I am no longer hesitant to ask for help. I am no longer ashamed to ask for help. In fact, I now understand that it is normal and healthy to reach out for assistance where you need it.

As a mom who doesn't have any family in town, I reached a point where I was tired of trying to do everything on my own and hold it all together. It's impossible. Why? Because we were designed to need not only God's help, but the physical "skin-on" assistance of! This is going to mean different things for different moms/families - So, I encourage you to find what it means for you.

So many from the older generation will say, "Well, I never had any help." It's as if they are blowing off your feelings and saying, "Good luck, honey! You're on your own." How sad! How much we need the wisdom, experience, and hands-on assistance from seasoned moms. How much we we need the encouragement and company of other moms walking through the same days as us. You may prefer large gatherings of women or smaller, more intimate settings. Either way - it's all about what works for you and how you can best encourage other people as well.

Best wishes, sweet fellow-moms.

You are not alone.

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