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December 19, 2013

"Okay/Not Okay" - Holiday Version

"Okay/Not Okay" - Holiday Style
Christmas Fun

It's okay to re-gift an item. It is not okay to re-gift it back to the person who gave it to you.

It's okay to reuse beautiful Christmas ribbon. It is not okay to reuse what was once beautiful holiday tissue paper. #crumpled

It's okay to return some of your Christmas gifts. It is not okay to return them while shopping with the person who bought them for you. Wait, unless they've given you permission to do so and it is clear...very clear...very, very clear...that their feelings are not going to be hurt.

It's okay to use gift bags instead of wrapping paper. It is not okay to present your gifts in plastic Wal-Mart bags. Wal-Mart bags do not equal gift bags.

It's okay to use Dollar Tree items for filler in your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. It is not okay to stuff OCC boxes full of junk while your children get only the best. #nothingwrongwithdollartree #youknowwhatimtryingtosay Right?

It's okay to purchase ready-made food items for holiday parties and such. It is not okay to lie and say you made them.

It's okay to sip lots of coffee in an effort to deal with the holiday madness. It is not okay to medicate your way through the season in an effort to deal with family the holiday madness. (Coffee isn't considered it?)

It's okay to try lots of new holiday recipes. It is not okay to attempt them just before your company arrives - big.mistake. (I speak from experience here, folks.)

What other rules to you abide by during the holidays?

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