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April 9, 2014

My Top Five Maternity Wardrobe Must-Haves

I have been pregnant twice. I have experienced two loooonnnnggg rounds with maternity clothes. By week 9 of my pregnancies, my belly screams for more room; and months after delivery, I still find myself wearing some of my comfy favorites - that's just how I roll.
Jeans without a button and zipper? Don't mind if I do~ *smile*

Baby #1 - Second Trimester
Baby #2 - Third Trimester
In this season of life - when we may or may not be finished with having little ones - I'm always on the lookout for cute and affordable maternity wear. While browsing clothing catalogs/websites geared toward expectant moms, these are typically the kinds of things I see...

I have never, ever, ever struck this pose...much less while pregnant...

Who is this woman & where is she going dressed like this?
When I am pregnant, my #1 goal is comfort! Today, I want to show you the must-haves in my maternity wardrobe, and I assure you...this list does not include any of the pieces from the above snapshots.

1. Tank Tops - For each pregnancy, I grab two in black and two in white, and I completely wear them out - using them even a number after months after I deliver. The built-in shelf bra offers great support, and they most definitely win the #1 spot on this list! The tanks pictured below are from Motherhood, and they are my favorite. Kohl's Oh Baby! Motherhood brand also makes great ones.

2. A perfectly fitting pair of maternity jeans - This was almost my #1! While the tank tops won first place, a good pair of jeans come in at a very, very close second. Throughout your pregnancy, you MUST HAVE jeans that will work for you. Once again, I found my favorites at Motherhood (after several tries elsewhere). You can visit Motherhood on-line; You can visit one of their stores or outlets; You can find their goodies at Macys; They've definitely got the market cornered, and their pieces - especially their jeans - are worth every penny (and that is coming from a gal who believes in spending very little on pretty much anything and everything).
 I love bootcut. I love a panel. Do what works for you~
3. Both of my babies have been late summer deliveries, so a good bathing suit (or two...or three) has been a must! Throughout the summer, I spend a lot of time in the water - When pregnant, I want to live in the water. It seems to be the only way for me to relieve the pressure in my back - I am so much more comfortable when I'm in the water. I have found my favorite bathing suits guessed it...Motherhood. I have found some cute printed ones, but I feel the best in my solid black ones. Somehow, I have convinced myself that they will make my very large, pregnant self look slim. ;-) 
4. On more than one occasion, I have needed a black dress - My favorites include one from Motherhood and one from Target's Liz Lange line, and it has been so nice to have these on hand for various occasions that have come up while I've been pregnant.
Look at this cute maternity dress that Target has right now:

 This line offers a lot of great maternity pieces!

5. Comfortable, Versatile Tops - I have found some of my favorites at Old Navy. They are easy-care and long-lasting - I love the way they gather on the side. They have all different styles, colors, patterns, etc. and they have been a life saver for me! Old Navy's long bottoms were definitely not made for my body, but I have hit the jackpot with some of their tops.

Comfy shoes (for all of that walking preggo gals are supposed to do), at least one nice jacket/coat (for cool weather pregnancies of which I know nothing about), and cute jewelry (to make you feel beautiful on the rough days)...these are all also important.

If you are expecting, congratulations! Life is beautiful~

 Thank you for visiting today - I would love to welcome you back again and again!

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