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April 4, 2014

Stop Being So Hard on Yourself (Encouragement for Moms)

Stop Being So Hard on Yourself
(Encouragement for Moms)
Encouragement for Moms

I spotted this quote hanging from the string of my teabag...
 and I started thinking...
...We as women are so, so hard on ourselves. No, we shouldn't "love ourselves" in a selfish kind of way, but we should love who God designed us to be. We should love the talents and abilities He has given us. We should love the ways He has called us - individually...specifically - to minister to others.

Oh, how Satan longs to make you feel discontent...with everything. This was his approach in the Garden with Eve & he uses the same approach today...with you...with me.

Does Pinterest leave you scrambling to accomplish more projects than humanly possible? If so, pick one realistic idea, make it happen, and then celebrate THAT - without [in that moment] worrying about all of the other great ideas on your boards.
Does Facebook make you wish you were somewhere else...with someone else...doing something else? If so, change your settings or cancel your Facebook account.
(Yes, it is worth being that drastic.)
Does your viewing/reading material leave you longing for a bigger house...a different body...more expensive clothes...a different life altogether? If so, turn these things off/put them away.

Dear Friend, you were made in the image of God...beautifully designed with His best in mind for you. Are you seeking that best? Are you allowing Him to do a good work in you?

One of my Bible study questions for this past week asked how my life might be different if I fully comprehended God's love for me. My Answer: I would be more forgiving toward myself.
I didn't used to struggle so much with this issue...until I become a mom. From my very first day as a mother, I beat myself up over the silliest things. Even though God continually shows me His love and His grace, I oftentimes forget His goodness toward me, and I struggle. We all do...

...especially when we spot a "seasoned woman" shaking her head over how our children are behaving in Target...or when we spot that judgmental look from a friend because we didn't breastfeed as long as they did or potty-train the way they did...or when others (sometimes even relatives) don't seem to understand us or affirm us in our role a women.
This list can go on and on and on [if we let it]!

Today, embrace YOU! Worship God as Creator by thanking Him for making YOU, YOU and ask Him to adjust your perspective and help you see yourself the way He does - as beautiful and oh, so dearly loved.
Thanks for stopping by today - I would love to get to know you better~

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