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June 13, 2014

Five Things to Take to a New Mom

When I was a new mom...and even the second-time around, so many of our friends and family offered us sweet support in a variety of different ways, and I want to remember the things that meant the most to me. I want to make sure to do these things for other moms I know when they bring little ones home from the hospital.

Ever asked yourself, "What should I take to a new mom?" This post has your answer as it includes a list of Five Things to Take to a New Mom!

Things to Take to a New Mom

[ONE] Be considerate.
Do they want visitors? Following my first delivery, I was not interested in visitors for quite some time. I love to socialize, but at that point...I was consumed with healing from my delivery...getting "Thelma & Louise" [aka my bosoms] under control...trying to function on very.little.sleep...and wondering if my house was ever going to be clean again. Once I got used to my new normal, I was ready to - once again - grab life by the horns, but it took me awhile to get there. While everyone is different, definitely be considerate [and understanding] of her specific needs when approaching a new mom.

[TWO] Let me sum this up in one word: Food!
Make sure that sweet mama does not have to cook for at least three years following her delivery. Take her a home-cooked meal. Take her 19 freezer meals to space out over the next couple of months. Then show up every two months from that point on with 19 more meals in your hand. Okay, maybe not...but in addition to a home-cooked meal, provide an additional freezer meal (or two) for her. This gesture may trigger tears of gratitude from the post-partum sweetheart, so be prepared.

[THREE] Disposable Goods
Don't you dare show up at that poor mama's house with food in a container that you need back. For crying out loud, put the food in a disposable pan. The last thing she needs to be worrying about is getting your Corningware back to you. In addition to disposable containers, provide her with paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins/paper towels, leftover containers - whatever she might need. She may even appreciate if you show up bearing a few extra rolls of toilet paper, but I would reserve this for gals that you consider to be in your "inner circle". *smile*

[FOUR] Items for Baby
Bring along some diapers and wipes - if you know her brand/style of choice. If I'm not sure what route a mom has chosen when it comes to diapers, I at least bring the wipes. What mom doesn't use the fire out of some wipes? It is also very kind to consider older sibling(s) that may be in the family. When Isaac was born, we had several families bring a little something special for our older toddler - very, very thoughtful & sweet.

[FIVE] Something Special for the Mama
This all depends on how well you know the gal, but here are a few ideas:
Restaurant Gift Cards - These could be for easy take-out places or for a future date night with her hubby. You may even include a "coupon" for free babysitting - She'll need that, too!
A Gift Certificate for a House Cleaning - While I would wholeheartedly welcome something like this, once again definitely consider the mama - as this could potentially be offensive to some.
A Spa Gift Card (for a mani/pedi or a haircut or a massage) - Let me tell you, this is my love language.
A Package of Thank You Notecards - Make sure she knows you do not expect one from her, but it seems like having a baby goes hand-in-hand with writing lots of thank you notes, so these may be helpful to her~ Maybe consider including some stamps as well!

Most importantly, do not show up full of advice...if the new mom needs to talk, listen...and if you say anything at all, let it be "You are a good mom! You are doing a great job!" That is all she needs to hear~

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