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June 10, 2014

Our Outdoor Space & A Flower Named "Jesus"

Last week, I posted this picture (w/ the following caption) to my Instagram account:
Our firepit area is going in this week~ When it comes to home projects, my toddler likes to stand at the window and watch the machinery...I like to hide inside (in the fetal position) and hold my breath til they're complete.

Let me just say, I can not imagine taking on a project like this! For all of you DIYers out there, my hat goes off to you big time. I see you tiling and removing wall paper and such and some of you are even smiling while you do you're having fun. I have to tell you...I am totally impressed.
My hubby is great at these kinds of things! However, we brought a crew in for this project because this as a one-man job would have meant I would not have seen David for the majority of the summer. No thank you....I digress.

I love to be creative, and while there are certain home projects that are right up my alley (like hanging pictures and fluffing pillows), this type of strenuous labor would not be considered a part of that.
This Spring, I painted the garage with my hubby, and I thought we were both going to be in traction for a week. It was great bonding was sitting on the couch together popping motrins and moaning about our aches our pains. Folks, our golden years are going to be exciting - be sure to check back for that.
In the meantime, here are a few other snapshots of our outdoor space.

We look forward to using our new outdoor area for all kinds of fun things. We're currently shopping for a large handmade cauldron to use as a fire pit - not just your typical metal fire pit...but a gigantic rustic bowl....possibly hand-made. We had originally planned to have the work crew put in a coordinating fire pit - made with the same pavers you see here...but we changed our mind. We do that often. Any thoughts on the cauldron? Do you know of anyone who makes this type of thing? Preferably someone who will ship one for under $2,000.
*I am not exaggerating....that seems to be the typical freight cost due to the weight, size, etc. of what we'd like to have.*
Moving on...this past weekend, we finally planted some flowers that we have had sitting around for a few weeks. Other portions of preparing our outdoor space for summer seemed to take priority over getting our spring flowers in pots. Each year, Caleb gets to plant a flower of his own, and then I let him name it.
Last year, his flower's name was "turtle". This year? "Jesus". Oh my...
 Here's a snapshot of our back porch~
We love to sit out here...with the ceiling fan on...and a book in hand.
Well, I like sitting out here with a book in hand.
My hubby likes to sit out here with a pizza.

This is a glimpse of our front porch. We purchased this handmade piece of furniture (plus two matching rockers - located on the other side of the porch - not pictured) from a Virginian Farmer's Market. These pieces were made from wood found in a barn near where my husband spent some of his growing up years.

This double rocker is perfect for taking family this one~

I hope everyone is having a great summer; and if you're tackling homeowner projects, we feel your pain!

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