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September 18, 2014

Caleb's Birthday Celebration - A Black, Red, & White Bowling Party

My oldest is now three, and we recently had a bowling party to celebrate his special day! 

I went with a black, red, and white theme, and here are the invites~
 Making invitations that have a little depth to them usually requires a little extra postage, but because I don't send very many, it's no problem~ 

The night before Caleb's birthday, his G.G. and I helped him make his cake. I'm not sure I've ever seen him so excited about anything in his entire life. When the oven beeped - indicating that the cake was done - he cheered as if the Hokies had just won in overtime.
Thanks to Hobby Lobby and some great thrifting finds, this party was super easy and super fun to put together! 
 On the menu: 
We did a nacho bar! I set out a variety of toppings - with taco meat in a large crock-pot over on my island. My mother-in-law is not one for this kind of food, so I also had another option for those who were interested: grilled chicken salad with vegetables, etc. All super easy to prepare ahead of time, and our guests seemed to enjoy building their creations. 
 When my boys turned one, I gifted them with a photo album that included pictures of them with each of their close relatives. With our family living out-of-town, this has been a great way for them to feel connected with their family, learn each of their names, etc. On this birthday, I put together a little album for Caleb that included pictures of him from over the past few years - focusing less on those first baby pictures and more on recent events, trips, etc. that he actually remembers. This was nothing fancy - just snapshots placed in a simple album. I knew he would love it, and he sat there and soaked in each of the pictures. 
 After dinner, we headed to the bowling alley! Having the actual party there sounded like my worst nightmare, sooooo.....we just waltzed in, played a couple of games....
 ...and headed back to the house for birthday cake...
 ...and presents...
The next morning, I was able to get a picture with my cutie.