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September 29, 2014

How Keurig Users Can Save Money

This morning, I was up early with my coffee, and today I'm sharing a couple of my favorite things: my Keurig, Keurig's my K-Cup filter, and disposable filters for the My K-Cup
These gems make my world go round - especially in the mornings! 

How Keurig Users Can Save Money
How Keurig Users Can Save Money

Before I started using disposable filters in my K-Cup filter, I dealt with coffee grounds, coffee grounds, and more coffee grounds, but I am loving these gems that that I found on Amazon
They are super easy to use!

We love all of the different kinds of K-Cups you can buy, but using these accessories allows us to use Folgers (on most days) and save all of the other for special treats.

We purchased the Keurig for convenience...and using these gems with it makes it more cost effective for us, and you know that is music to my ears!

When purchasing the K-Cups (or alternative brands), we have found great deals at the following places:

Bulk boxes available!

Sam's Club
Purchased in Bulk


Harris Teeter

Kohls/Elder Beerman
*I have heard that some stores have stopped allowing customers to use in-store coupons on K-Cups - but definitely check your local store!*