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October 8, 2014

Fall Art for Pre-schoolers

We've had several things on our autumn bucket list, but today, I want to share with you some the [pre-school friendly] artsy, crafty things we have been doing around here..

Fall Art for Pre-schoolers
Fall Art for Pre-schoolers

I love doing our at-home pre-school activities...

....but I also love including seasonal activities as well...especially for one of my favorite times of year - Fall!

Pinterest has provided me with all kinds of fun ideas (more than I could ever tackle!), and I have included my favorites on my Homeschooling - Fall Activities Board.

Follow All Kinds of Things's board Homeschool - Fall Activities on Pinterest.

 You will notice that this particular board is not full and overflowing with incredibly complicated options. I have made myself only pin activities that seem realistic...things that I will actually do...and I wanted to share a few of our favorites with you today. 

We loved making these little pumpkins - tiny thumbprints and a long brown stem~

We also had so much fun making this scarecrow - using large popsicle sticks and construction paper. 
Super easy!

I almost forgot about this fun idea: We made candy corn from torn pieces of paper! 


While on "nature walks" (short little walks throughout our neighborhood/at local parks), we've enjoyed collecting fall things (leaves, rocks, sticks, acorns, etc.) and using them at home for various activities.

While such a variety of items makes for great sorting/classifying opportunities, it has also been fun to attempt leaf-rubbings...

and even paint leaves!

*Painting around the outline of our hands has also been fun to do with the orange paint!*
While we're talking about paint, here's another idea that I love!
Paint acorns to look like people - possibly even creating a little acorn family that resembles your own!
Pre-schoolers love this idea, but so do older children!

On my Pinterest Board, you will see the file for this tree:
I printed a few copies on white cardstock, and we have had a great time using them for various activities. The tree on the left has been filled with sticky foam leaves. Caleb loved doing this project with his daddy. (I ask myself...Why aren't there any leaves on the ground?...this may keep me up tonight.) Moving on...the tree on the right has been filled with all four of our thumbprints - creating this "family tree" was an adventure...and worth every second.

I have loved these adorable library books we've worked in to our activity time:

One of the cutest books I've ever seen & Caleb made his own an orange [name] scarf using sticky foam letters. 

I love these little owls that I found on clearance at Target last year (post-season):

I also really liked this book: The Very Best Pumpkin
It teaches a great lesson about sharing and putting others first.

I had some foam pumpkins (also purchased on clearance after season last year at Target)...

and we cut and glued little pieces of construction paper all over a couple of them! 

We also used the foam-shaped pumpkin as a guide for a cutting out a couple of paper pumpkins that we painted and then sent off to the great-grandmas!

Do you love children's books as much as I do? Check out these fall favorites of mine!

If you're feeling overwhelmed...If you're not sure your going to be able to tackle your laundry (must less a bunch of Pinterest projects), never fear... 
If you simply give your kid a pile of scrap paper, a pair of scissors, and a gluestick...
...that's really all it takes to make them happy.