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October 13, 2014

Fall Decor - Sweet & Simple

For fall decor, I like to keep it simple: 

pumpkins & mums on the porch...

a few fall-themed accents throughout the house...

I like to keep a variety of seasonal photos together in one frame (spring, summer, fall, and winter) - bringing to the forefront the one that fits the season. For this time of year, I rotate this particular photo forward - one of my favorite shots of my oldest playing in the leaves when he was little. When it's time to decorate for Christmas, I will move this photo to the back - rotating a favorite holiday photo forward. This works especially well for the frames on my mantle.

faux apples peeking out from a couple of other spots...

and yummy candles burning in our main living areas make me a happy gal!

All items pictured have been purchased at yard sales & flea markets.

I do not decorate separately for Halloween and Thanksgiving - I celebrate fall all throughout the autumn months, and when that is over, up goes my Christmas tree!

All of my fall decor (minus the mums and pumpkins that we purchase each year) fits in to one large plastic tote that I keep stored away throughout the year. I purposely purchased an orange and black tote - which makes it easy to spot in a storage area that is mostly dedicated to bins of Christmas decor. 

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