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November 21, 2014

5 'Un-Stuff' Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

You know I love sharing all kinds of things with you: my favorite children's books, a new product that I love, a great couponing deal that I've discovered, a bargain I scored while thrifting, a resource that has been helpful to our family; but you also know my heart about stuff:
Tension at the Holidays

The other day, I gave you some ideas for unstuff gifts for hubby, and today, I want to share with you five unstuff Christmas gift ideas for kids

You may have seen some great non-toy gift idea posts floating around out there, but I want to share with you some ideas that have worked great for us! If you're like me, you've started to think a little bit about the holidays - My hope is that these ideas will help you as consider the holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions you might choose to celebrate with your children!

Time: Our family lives out of town, and the best gift in the world is getting to spend time with them. Gift little ones with a basket full of everything they need to bake cookies, and then bake the cookies with them. Gift the kiddos in your life with a bucket full of art supplies and then sit down and create something together. If you feel as if your life has become so busy that you rarely spend time with the ones that mean the most to you, find a way this Christmas to give your family the gift of your time. It's one of the most meaningful things you have to give....and not just at the holidays, but all year long.

Experiences: Have you ever received plane tickets in your stocking? Okay, I haven't either; but listen: Plan a family trip...maybe it will be extravagant...maybe not. Simply wrap up an item that gives your youngins a clue about where you might be planning to go the beach...on a Disney Cruise...on a winter trip to a cabin in the mountains....wherever you choose to go. It will be exciting for them to open such a clue, and it will be fun to anticipate a family get-away.

Classes/Memberships: Swim lessons, art classes, play groups, music sessions, children's museums, etc. are all fun things we enjoy doing! Gift the kiddos in your life with a year of art classes, a summer of swim lessons, a subscription to Kiwi Crate, a year-long membership to their local children's museum. There are so many options here! As a parent of little ones, I would much rather see them receive the gift of an experience rather than another toy.

Events: - Do the kids in your life have access to a children's theater or a venue where fun kid-friendly events are offered? Gift them with tickets to a play or a show! They will love it - Even better: Attend the event with them! They will never forget it~

Gift Cards:
Around here, we love restaurant Gift Cards! My parents have gifted my oldest with Chick-fila gift cards. He loves going to "chicken-lay" (as he calls it) and "paying" for his meal with something special that Granna and Papa gave him.

We do not purchase DVDs, CDs, etc. I am not interested in storing them, dusting them, keeping them organized, etc. We would much rather have iTunes gift cards that allow us to purchase our media - media that does not take up any room in my house. Your loved ones will enjoy being gifted with money they can use for music, games, various apps, ebooks, online magazine subscriptions, etc.

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