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January 13, 2015

"I will...because I'm your mom."

"I will...because I'm your mom."
I'm Your Mom

I will...

...steal away to hide in the bathroom and revel in just five minutes alone...until I notice that you've had your fingers slid under the door...the entire time.

...lock myself in the laundry room and ask God to help me make it through the two more hours facing us until daddy gets home.

...strap you down in the minivan and drive around and around and around the neighborhood...until daddy gets home.

...enjoy one-on-one dates with your daddy...evenings out that do not include strollers, highchairs, cutting up food, and frantically finishing my meal so we can pay and get out of there.

...curl up in the fetal position and sob because you woke me up too early.

...wonder why you insist on throwing food in my face, all over the floor, and straight down the front of the clean outfit that I just put on.

...feel so frustrated when you wait until we get all the way to the back of Target before you tell me you need to go to the potty.

...forever fail to understand why you feel the need to color all over the walls...and pour pasta noodles down the floor vents...and hit your brother with a toy hammer.

...get angry and snap at times when you don't deserve times when the only explanation is that I'm tired.

...but I will also... you fiercely.

...enjoy every single eager hug and slobbery kiss you choose to send my way.

...laugh when you laugh and hold you closely when your heart is aching.

...celebrate your accomplishments and encourage you in your weaknesses. my best to point you to Jesus.

...peek in on you at night and pray for your soul.

...plead with God to create in you a longing for Him and a passion for others.

Because I'm Your Mom