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March 3, 2015

A Diary of How I've Been Feeling - Part 3

Wednesday - After a couple of days of ice, things out our window have started to look a little more normal. We were able to take a walk and let the little ones play outside a little bit. They have got to be so tired of being cooped up inside with their

Thursday - I continue to spend lots of time on the couch. Lots of time watching tv with hubby in the evenings. My interest in Pinterest has returned. That has helped to pass the time. The interest in texting never left. That has also helped to pass the time. I feel like a 16-year old that texts her friends night and day. (I'm wondering if my friends are tired of hearing from me.)

Friday - I continue to nap when my children nap (and when they're watching Daniel Tiger). I never caught sleep like this when they were newborns, so why now? Because...once again, I have zero energy. What's a to-do list? I look forward to nap time in a whole new way these days.

Saturday - So glad Daddy is home with us today. I'm not sure what we would be doing without him right now. In addition to everything else that he's doing, he's helping us get out of the house on the weekend. I still have not attempted going anywhere or doing anything without his help. 

Sunday Night - It was great to be back at church today! I was able to stay for the entire morning - our teaching time as well as the main worship service. When you have been away from corporate worship for awhile, you really begin to miss it. It makes such a huge impact on our family life. 

Week #11

Monday - Stomach issues? Yes. Periods of Wooziness? Yes. Constant food aversions? Yes. Heartburn, Indigestion, Headaches? Yes. Hormonal Outbursts? Who, me? But I'm not exactly nauseous...I'm not vomiting as some do throughout their first trimester... It's not like that...I simply have ZERO motivation to do ANYTHING. My husband is keeping this house afloat...My children are continuing to watch a gross amount of cartoons...and I just 

This week, I have two make it to our Tuesday activities...and our Thursday activities. I can do this. In preparation, I have washed my hair today.

Tuesday - Today is a snow day. Our Tuesday activities have been cancelled. I washed my hair for nothing.

Wednesday - It's Wednesday. Each Wednesday, my phone tells me that it's time to take the boys to their "Move to the Music" class, and each Wednesday, we don't go. I am still unable to fathom returning to our regularly scheduled programming and joining a room full of diapered children as they dance around within the walls of the designated community space. I'm just not there yet. 

A snowstorm is predicted for tonight. We are so excited! They are predicting between 6-10 inches, which for our area is a huge deal. Christmas music is playing, and the snowman decorating kit is ready to go.

Thursday - 10 inches of snow? Yeah right! Try 3 inches, but we'll take it...Daddy is home with us today...and we've been able to build a decent-size snowman and make some snow cream. I'm glad I didn't put my Christmas tree I had briefly considered.

Friday - Most of the snow has melted. Once again...I'm glad I didn't put my Christmas tree I had briefly considered. 

I had a baby doctor appointment today. At this point in my other pregnancies, I would have already gained at least 15 pounds. Remember the skinny female doctor who told me I could only gain 25-30 pounds (hahahahahahahahaha)? Well, I saw her today, and she was thrilled to inform me that I had only gained 3 pounds. She seemed so proud of me. I hated to ruin all of her fun by bringing up the baby weight I still had left over from I went a different direction. I decided to remind her (yet, again) that I have gained 60+ pounds with my other pregnancies. She smiled sweetly and replied, "Well, then...let's shoot for 40 this time."

Saturday - Well, today started off with me going the Chick-fil-a...with hubby in the driver's seat...and me reaching over the steering wheel and loudly letting the attendant know EXACTLY what I thought of them running out of breakfast "15 minutes ago" when we had been in the line for thirty minutes...Yes, thirty minutes, friends. The line never takes this least not at OUR Chick-fil-a, but we weren't at our usual location. Anyway, my rant may have included things such as "This is ridiculous!" and "Keep it! Keep all of it!" [Including the free iced coffee which I so desperately wanted.] and "I will never be back to this location...ever!" Folks, this was not one of my finest [hormonal] moments. My husband exited the parking lot without a single chicken-biscuit in hand. 
We are all still recovering from this episode...and I'm still asking forgiveness. 
Guess what we're teaching about at church tomorrow? Patience. 
Yep, I've got a lot to learn.
*Hey! Yeah, you! Don't you act like you've never gotten snippy with someone...I dare say we have all been there...and if you haven't, please do not let us know. I envy people who have their hormones under control at all times.*

Sunday - Today was a pretty good day! We had [mostly] recovered from the Chick-fil-a incident. Church was wonderful, and my stomach seemed to be able to tolerate some foods I haven't seen in awhile. 

Week #12

Monday - Oh my...I think I'm getting a cold...
Hot Shower.
(I washed my hair.)
Hot Tea.

Tuesday - Please don't let this be a cold...Please, Please, Please...
So glad I washed my hair yesterday! Today, we are going to attempt our first out-of-the-house [without daddy's help] activity since mid-January. I am determined to try to get back to normal...even if it kills me.