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March 10, 2015

A Diary of How I've Been Feeling - Part 4

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Week #12

Tuesday - Whew! It wasn't a cold! I've never been more relieved...almost as relieved as I was when I heard that hubby was going to return early from an out-of-town business trip he had to take this week. 

The baby doctor recently decided to order some extra bloodwork, etc. to see if there was anything (beyond the growing a baby thing) that could be adding to my feelings of yuckiness, dizziness, etc. All of the results came back in the I have decided that this week, I will pull myself out of this terrible funk. The worst seems to be behind me, so I will attempt to resume all normal activities...making sure to always have 12 granola bars in my purse at all times. 

This evening, the upstairs heating unit went out [yes, while hubby is gone]. 
Pregnant girl on a ladder in the attic. 

Wednesday - So, I attended the Aqua Zumba class that I had been considering. Two very fast paced Ricky Martin songs in to the class, I realized that this class may not be quite what I'm looking for in this season of life. Not only was a feeling dizzy...and a little queasy in my stomach....but I simply can move that quickly under water...I really don't think anyone else in the class was doing the directed movements either. As I glanced around, it looked as if we were all simply bobbing up and down in the water...wanting the instructor (who was standing on the outside edge of the pool) to think that we were following along with her enthusiastic interruption of "Livin' La Vida Loca." I grew somewhat bored with the bobbing...and when I realized that there was still 15-20 minutes of this excitement left to go, I sank down low in the where just my eyes were sticking up above sea level...and I drifted toward the edge of the pool, climbed out of the water, and snuck back in to the locker room. I took my time drying off and such...I was trying to decide if I had enough energy to walk on a treadmill for a few minutes...and maybe do a few awkward stretches in front of the gym mirrors...when my phone rang. It was my dear friend who was doubling as this evening's babysitter...The stomach bug had hit her and she needed to get home. Is anything more miserable than the stomach bug? God love her.

Thursday- I went back to the gym today, but NOT to participate in Aqua Zumba...When it comes to water activity, I really think I'm looking for one of those classes that include water weights and such. Since no such class was being offered at the time I was able to be at the gym today, I decided to get wild and crazy...20 very slow, painful minutes on the elliptical and 20 very awkward minutes of stretching in front of the mirrors...oh yeah, and a few weird movements on one of those exercise balls that you're supposedly supposed to use during labor. With baby #1, my big red ball stayed in the backseat of the car - Yes, we had packed it for the hospital. With baby #2, my big red ball stayed in the deep, dark closest where it currently resides. With baby #3, what big red ball?

P.S. This trip to the gym began with me sitting the parking lot...eating goldfish crackers...and chatting on the phone with my friend. Enjoy our text conversation from 40 minutes following my hanging up with her. 

Me: I'm done! What a workout!
Friend: You're already done?!?1
Me: That was a 40 minute workout!! What more do you people want from me?

(She runs marathons. I eat goldfish and do stretches.)

Friday - No gym workout today. It's raining. 

Saturday - No gym workout today. It's Saturday. 

I've been doing a little bit of cooking this week! I got a wild craving for Hashbrown Casserole, and decided to make some. While it baked, I watched "Father of the Bride"...
As I sat on the couch racked with fits of deep, deep sobbing, but husband looked over at me and asked, "Why do you do this to yourself?" I replied, "What are you talking about? This is the best night I've had in weeks." 
I wish men could understand that carbs in the oven coupled with one of the greatest Chick Flicks of all time is literally all we need in life to make us happy. 

Week #13

Sunday - No gym workout today. It's Sunday. 

We did play outside today, and crossed paths with lots of neighbors who had no idea we were expecting. One lady down the street asked, "Have you guys not been in town much lately?" I explained to her that I had simply been inside laying on the couch...and that is why she has not seen me outside weeding the flower beds or tending to the garden. 
(Just kidding...I don't weed flower beds....nor do I garden.)

Monday - No gym workout today. It's Laundry Day.

I have never been more thankful to do laundry in my whole entire life! Why? Because I'm feeling better! I really am. Yes, I'm still having dizzy spells...and taking lots of naps....and don't feel the greatest at night when I'm tired from all that napping I do during the day...but the second trimester is already treating me much better than the first, and I am so thankful. 
I have always complained about having to do laundry...but today, I won't complain.

Tuesday - Believe it or not, we have stayed on schedule with our at-home Pre-school activities. 
(When I said that Daddy has been keeping us on task...I mean with literally everything...)
For the most part however, since the second week of January, this has been my view...

While we love Daniel Tiger with all of our heart, I am thankful to be back to our normal activities...back to a routine...

The kids haven't even seemed to notice that we're watching a little less tv these days...
I think they're just glad to have their Mommy back.