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May 17, 2015

Coming Home to WV

The mountains gave birth to me...

Well...actually, my mama gave birth to me...but she gave birth to me in the mountains...
Well...actually, she gave birth to me in a hospital in West Virginia.

These mountains have always been home to me...

Our family of four (almost five) now reside in the Carolinas....but when it's time to go home...I hop on the interstate and head north.

When traveling I-77, I know what to expect: lots of trucks...a few tolls...some hairy traffic..but I can also expect to be greeted by the mountains that I love...

They're always there...always standing strong...always welcoming me back...

I love that they hold so many sweet memories...happy remembrances from various stages of my life......

As a sentimental soul, I love reliving the moments...retelling the stories...recalling the past...and I love that these recollections include so many individuals who invested in my life.

The people...I love the people of my home state...

They are real.
They are genuine.
They are loyal.

They are loyal to their state.
They are loyal to each other.
They are loyal to their alma maters.

Loyalty to one's alma mater is deep-rooted and strong; but when tragedy strikes, everyone stands together...I think it's beautiful the way that happens.
Photo Credit: The Herald Dispatch

Have you ever visited my home state? 

If you're going to pick a season of the year to visit, come in the fall - It's especially beautiful that time of year!

If you're going to pick a restaurant to try, stop in Jim's Spaghetti in Huntington, WV - You'll be so glad you did! 

If you're going to pick a city to see a night, take in the lights of Charleston, WV - It's a beautiful sight! 

If you're going to pick an area to go hiking, plan a day (or two) at the New River Gorge Bridge - It will take your breath away completely.

If you're going to pick a sporting event to go see, take in a college football game.
(I will not tell you who you should see play, but I will say Go Herd!)

Take a train ride, visit a water fall, go skiing, venture to an iconic spot, stay in a historic hotel, explore a park, attend a festival, enjoy some bluegrass music...

and know that you will always be welcomed back~