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June 25, 2015

How to Have a Yard Sale

Are you thinking about having a yard sale? 
Today, I am sharing 5 Tips for making your big day a success!

How to Have a Yard Sale
Yard Sale

#1 - Advertise! Post it (at least a week ahead of time - updating closer to the big day) in Facebook Yard Sale groups, on Craig's List, and in your local classifieds (Yes, some people still check out the local paper!). Place large, bright, clear signs at the entrance of your street/neighborhood, etc. (Adding balloons is also a nice touch - Dollar stores typically offer cheap ones that will last for a few days.)

#2 - Price your items! If your items are priced, you will sell more. Promise! If you have a lot of stuff, this will require a little bit of planning. Waiting until the night before your sale to get organized and price your goods is probably going to lead to a good bit of unnecessary stress. Also, don't price your stuff so cheap that you basically give it away and don't let shoppers talk you in to selling your stuff for next to nothing. Remember, the goal is to make money. Make it worth your time and energy - Price items high enough that you make money, but fair enough that shoppers feel like they're getting a good deal. If you're unsure what to price something, ask yourself, "What would I be willing to pay for this if I stumbled upon it at a sale?" If your only goal is to get rid of your stuff,  you'd be better off to donate your items and get a deduction on your taxes!

#3 - Get your items out of boxes/bins and raise them up off the ground! Borrow tables - Create a table using a large piece of wood propped up on two chairs - whatever it takes! People do not want to bend over to look through your stuff!

#4 - Have plenty of change on hand! Go to the bank if you need to - people will need change - especially those early morning shoppers!

#5 - Do not be irritated by early birds - Be ready for early shoppers - In fact, invite them to come! They are usually ready to buy!

If you haven't advertised...if your items aren't priced...if you don't have any tables...if you don't have enough change on hand...if you're too tired to get up early for the shoppers, take a week or so to get organized, and try having your sale the next weekend.

Not looking to have a sale, but want to go shopping?