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June 1, 2015

My Laundry Routine

 In our house, Monday is laundry day! I am pretty protective of Mondays in general as I've set aside that day for the kids and I to relax, recover from the weekend, and tackle the house as much as we can. Without this day, I can not imagine what our house would look like throughout the week!

This post includes a glimpse in to My Laundry Routine:
Things may not always go as planned, but this is typically how we like to do things around here!

My Laundry Routine

First of all, I have an old-school, open-top washer with an agitator, 
and I wash just about everything on cold/delicate.

Around here, we usually use liquid detergent, and we are not picky about brands...
Tide, Arm & Hammer, All, Purex, Extra, we use it all! 
I score awesome coupon deals - stockpiling detergent so that I never run out...

 In addition to detergent, my favorite additions are:
White Vinegar

When I need a little extra help with a stain, I love mixing the baking soda and vinegar and applying a paste directly to the fabric.

When I need a little extra help with an odor, I love pouring a cup full of vinegar and a cup full of baking soda directly in to the washing machine.
*This mixture will also serve as a great fabric softener.*

As for the Zout, it is an amazing stain remover as well!

I don't throw everything immediately in the dryer.
I flat dry or hang dry our nicer pieces and simply fluff them in the dryer after they have air dried. 
This definitely helps to prolong the life of our clothes. 

A Few Thoughts: 

1. My hubby does his own laundry - I tackle mine and the kids', and he takes care of his own.

2. My goal is for my little ones to take over their own laundry as soon as possible
With that being the goal, they "help" me with our laundry routine. 

Even the littlest ones can help:
put their dirty clothes in their laundry basket
throw clothes in the washer
put wet clothes in the dryer
pull dry clothes out of the dryer in to a basket
"put away" 

Yes, including little hands will slow you down...and things may not always be done exactly as you wish...but the training process is very much worth every second of what may feel like a hassle at the time.

...even three-year-olds can learn to put away their clothes. Many of us have kids who do too little because we are moms who do too much." - Karen Ehman

3. In addition to "Laundry Day", I will sometimes do a load of towels or a load of sheets - on a different day - just to keep Mondays from being completely overwhelming. 

4. I do not believe in ironing...It goes against everything I believe - In fact, we do not even own an ironing board. We use a clothing steamer - and that is only for our most high-maintenance items. As much as possible, I really try to stick with easy-care items. There are lots of different clothing steamers out there...having one will change your life.

A Few Final Tips:

Each member of our family has an individual laundry basket [for dirty clothes] in their bedroom/bathroom area. These baskets are brought to the laundry room every Sunday night or Monday morning.

Each member of our family has an individual laundry basket [for clean clothes] that I keep stored in the laundry room. When it's time to fold clothes, clean laundry goes in these baskets and is taken to each family member's bedroom.
*Yes, sometimes I get behind on putting the laundry away, but when things don't go exactly as planned, I catch up when I'm able, and yes, I use little tiny hands to help me "put away".*

I hate pulling clean clothes out of the dryer and wrestling them in to the living room - where I usually do my folding. Sooooo, when I discovered that I could place a laundry basket directly under the dryer door opening and easily transfer clean clothes from inside the dryer in to the basket, my life was changed forever (and my back hurts a lot less now, too)!

Does your laundry completely overwhelm you? 
Maybe it's simply time to reduce the number of clothing pieces your family owns! 
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