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July 6, 2015

How to Celebrate Christmas in July

Looking for ideas for how to celebrate Christmas in July?

Whether you are planning to celebrate a little all throughout the month or just on July 25th, it's so much fun to get a taste of the holidays smack dab in the middle of the summer!

In this post, I'm including some of our favorite ideas for adding a little holiday spirit to the month of July! We usually celebrate on July 25th, and these are a few of the things we like to do:

How to Celebrate Christmas in July
Christmas in July

On the night of July 24th, our kiddos wear their Christmas PJs to bed.
(Psst...Last year's set will do!)

All day long - on the 25th - we play our favorite Christmas Music.
Around here, we are big fans of Christmas music - actually listening to it throughout the year.

We set up a few simple holiday decorations - a small Christmas tree, a light-up snowman, a reindeer cookie jar - whatever we're in the mood to do! Some years I've gone hog-wild with this and other years, I've kept it pretty simple.

Mealtimes include festive Christmas dishes. Last year, this was snowman-themed paper plates, and the kids loved it!

I like to get everyone a small gift/treat - an ornament (to use in December) or a Christmas movie download/Christmas album are usually my go-to ideas on this.

For our special Christmas in July celebration, it's fun to enjoy holiday-themed crafts/activities...and treats.

When it comes to celebrating Christmas in July, the sky is the limit! You can do as little or as much as will fit your family - making loads of fun memories in the process!

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