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July 15, 2015

I now weigh over 200 pounds...

Our summer routine is definitely different than our Labor Day-Memorial Day routine. There are some things that I love about that...and then there are some things that I don't.

I say yes to more pajamas...a few more cartoons...a little extra laziness...pool time with daddy...all of those things are wonderfully sweet....

...but the upset of routine...the lack of available babysitters...the weird schedule...that all makes things a tad tricky around here.

With our little gal set to make her debut at the end of summer, I have been tackling my to-do list like a crazy person.

I have already been to this rodeo a couple of times. I know what I'm like post-partum. My husband knows what I'm like post-partum. Therefore, all hands have been on deck assisting with the to-do list.

There are really important things on this list such as:

1. Take photos of the boys playing in the tub.  
2. Find a Groupon deal that will allow me to inexpensively order these photos in the form of large canvases. 
3. Hang these canvases in the boys' bathroom.

I simply CAN.NOT have a baby until this task is complete.

There's just one problem. Hubby does bath time...while I clean up the kitchen from dinner...and the thought of going upstairs to snap photos is so exhausting that I nearly lose my breath. Maybe tonight will be the night...or maybe tomorrow...

Speaking of exhaustion, we're thinking our summer traveling may be coming to an end soon. As I reach this point in my pregnancies, my husband has a fear of the baby falling out...yes, falling out while we are out-of-town and away from our preferred hospital. Judging from the speed of my last labor, he may have a valid concern.

Anyway, we have recently made two trips to visit out-of-town family. I'm not really sure what we were thinking, but we did it. Last weekend, we saw both sides of the family...and they live in different states...and once again, I'm not really sure what we were thinking. But we survived...even if 3-4 hour trips turned in to 6 hour trips because...#1 My Bladder #2 My Need to Eat Often #3 My Need to Get Out and Stretch Often #4 My Oldest Son's Bladder #5 My Youngest Son's Need to Eat Often #4 My Husband's Love of Gas Station Hot Fries and Sweet Tea.

To recover from all of the travel...and to deal with my seemingly never-ending back pain, I have been trying to take a little time for me. I have been using a Mother's Morning Out Program (as I mentioned above, babysitters seem to be few and far between in the summer), and I have been using this time to move kids' bedrooms...clean out closets...finish up little projects for baby girl...and put my big, pregnant self in the pool to do some stretches and stuff. Doesn't this sound glamorous? You should see me. The other day, I decided to use the ladder to exit the pool...It wasn't pretty. It was funny...but definitely not pretty.

If you've ever been the summer...(which I have now done three times...THREE TIMES, PEOPLE...) you understand the beautiful gift that is the swimming pool. It is the only place where I...the now 200+ lb. pregnant lady feels weightless....completely weightless. It's my favorite place to be these days.

So, what did you think of Amazon's #primeday? I gotta say, I was a little disappointed. Any day with Amazon is a good day. Any day with Prime is an even better day. However, I didn't think Prime Day felt any different any other day on their site. I sure do hope they come through a little stronger for Black Friday. If they don't, how will we survive? *Insert Dramatic Sigh*