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August 28, 2015

5 Books I Plan to Keep

In Tips for Purging Your Home, I shared my thoughts on storing already-ready books:

We do not keep [very many] books (including completed Bible study workbooks, cookbooks, etc.). There are a few books that have literally changed my life. These [less than a dozen] books can be found on the bookshelves in our study, but all other books - after they are read - are purged. I may take a snapshot of any interesting thoughts, inspiring quotes, etc. but the books do not stay in our house. I do not take the same approach with children's books - We have plenty of those as they serve a very different purpose in our home.

So today, I am sharing 5 books that have had a powerful impact on my life...
5 Books that I Plan to Keep.
5 Books I Plan to Keep

1. It's Not About Me by Max Lucado

This book is all about reminding us that there is more to life than living for ourself. Max Lucado challenges his readers to a lifestyle that is very different from what the current culture embraces. This is a quick yet powerful read that I have always kept on my bookshelf.

2. The Fifth Gospel by Bobby Conway

This book is centered around the following idea: There are five Gospels...Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and You - the Christian. Most people will never read the first four. Wow!

3. The Zippered Heart by Marilyn Meberg

Several years ago, I read this book, and it impacted me in a powerful way! It deals with many issues that so many women prefer to keep locked inside. I have always so appreciate the real-ness of this book and have held on to it to read again in the future.

4. Boundaries by Cloud & Townsend

This book completely changed my life! The principles in this book revolutionized my way of thinking. As a result of this book, I left [most] of my people-pleasing habits behind and began to live with healthy boundaries in my life. I am a better for it! I can't say enough about the impact this book has had on me.

5. Weird by Craig Groeschel

If you have looked around and realized that normal isn't working, you will love this book and the challenge to live Weird. Powerful stuff, friends - Get ready for some major changes in your perspective and way of life.