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August 12, 2015

Free Homeschool Pre-school Printables

If you follow along with me on Pinterest, you know I have a board called Pre-school Resources - This is a working board where I pin ideas that I plan to incorporate in to our Pre-school Home School routines. I try to refrain from pinning things that I know realistically will not fit in to our approach. It's tough to pass up some of those pretty pictures out there, but I try to stick with things that I know I can actually make happen in real life. 

Recently, I have been going back through some of the great pins I have found over the past few months, and I've been printing and laminating - all in preparation for our oldest's upcoming four-year-old year of homeschool pre-school.

Homeschooling a Three-Year Old

I want to share some of my favorite gems with you today! 
All of these printables are free and easy to download/print. 
Homeschool Pre-school

[One] These A-Z Dot Pages are a great reinforcement activity - even for little ones who already know their alphabet! Love Dot Activities!
If you don't have the Do-A-Dot markers, you can grab some here.

[Two] I have really enjoyed looking through all of the great ideas from In My World
Some of the printables are free, but some are not. 
I have found lots of great ideas as well as several free printables that I love!

[Three] These Matching Puzzle Card Sets are great quality! Laminate them to use time and time again!
If you are looking for a great laminator, we love this one!


[Four] Shape Mats
20 Pack of Playdoh Available Here

[Five] These Number Worksheets offer a lot of great variety that is perfect for little hands.
Colorful Counting Chips Available Here

[Six] Money Booklets
Double-Sided Magnetic Money Available from Learning Resources

[Seven] The sky is the limit with this Rainbow Math Mat! So many great options for math practice~
12-Pack of Colorful Dice Available Here

For more great printables as well as creative ideas for Language Arts Activities, Math Explorations, Science Experiments, Art Projects, and more:

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