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August 31, 2015

How to Purge Your Kids' Closets

Keeping up with my kids' clothes can feel like a full time job sometimes! 

Between finding great deals on items that they need, laundering their clothes, keeping their dressers/closets sorted/organized, purging items that need to go, transitioning out pieces my older one has outgrown and adding them to his little brother's closet...maintaining organization in this area definitely keeps me busy! 

Today, I am sharing my best practice for How to Purge Your Kids' Closets
While preferences will differ when it comes to how to tackle this, these tips have helped us be successful in eliminating clothing clutter and staying organized!
Purge Closets

1. Remove everything from the closet (or dresser)! This will allow you to take a close look at each item. Check for stains/wear. Check the size - Does it still fit? Do you/your child (depending on their age) love the item? Does your child actually wear the item? If they don't wear it or you find yourself thinking They might wear it someday. get rid of it: unless it is a size/piece you have purchased for a future season. (Read: How Buying Ahead Saves Us Loads of Money)

2. Think carefully about each item that you return to the closet/dresser. Purge items that are stained/worn. Purge items that no longer fit. Purge items that were gifted/passed down to your family that you/your child don't really love/wear - Yes, even if the item(s) came from grandma.

In the dresser drawers, there is a drawer for casual shirts, a drawer for shorts, and a drawer for jeans.
Keeping this simple makes it easy for my little ones to assist with putting away laundry and picking out their own clothes to wear. 

In the closet, I hang nicer tops/sweaters, dresses, and coats. 

*Your approach to this may differ depends on where you live (We are in the Carolinas where many items work year-round.), the size of your closets, etc.*

3. Make smart decisions about what to do with items you have purged:

My Recommendations
Return any/all recently purchased/gifted items that still have the tags - Yes, even if you don't have a receipt. Many stores will offer you store credit toward/or the option to trade for something you actually need. This is just one small part of How I'm Able to Dress My Kids for Free - and you can, too! (Read: How to Dress Your Kids for Free)

Sell higher end name brand items on eBay or another great on-line marketplace - new options seem to be popping up all the time! (Read: How I Earn Extra Cash from Home)

While I choose not to consign my kids' clothes, you may love this option! 

Have a yard sale! Now hear me out...I'm not talking about a yard sale where you practically give your items away - charging customers only $.25 or $.50 for nice children's items simply because you want to get rid of the stuff. There are ways for you to actually make money having a yard sale, and I would love for you to read my tips for how that is possible! 

Donate your items! Help a charity of your choice while also taking a tax deduction for yourself - It's a win/win for everyone! 

I love this tip from A Bowl Full of Lemons
Keep a laundry basket (with a trash bag inside) in your closet. Whenever you want to purge clothing, just toss it into the basket. Once the trash bag is full, it's time to donate!

A Little Encouragement: 
Keep few (if any) sentimental items. When it comes to purging items that are no longer needed, sell them...donate them...pass them along to someone else before they yellow...before they become dated/out-of-style. Release them - allowing someone else to enjoy the life that's left in them rather than you hoarding them for years to come.

Want to have a cleaner home? Own less stuff. It works every time. - becoming minimalist