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August 10, 2015

Writing Letters to Your Children

When my oldest was born, I decided that I would write to him every so often and keep a collection of letters until a special time [TBD] when I will hand them over to him. In this space, I do not intend to share specific letters, but I thought I would share some of the types of things I like to include in my letters.

Writing Letters to Your Children
Writing Letters

I have since continued this tradition, and I am so glad that it is something I started doing! I realize that I have to be realistic with this - I can not write everyday or every week. Sometimes, I do well to create a new entry every few months, but the great part about this is that there are no rules. Some letters are long and some are short. Some are written in paragraph form and some are simple bullet lists. Some are funny and some are more serious (usually a mix of both, though).

I like to include:

Funny Stories

Daily Routines


Important Family Changes/Events

New Words/Phrases


These letters have been a way for me to record memories - whether big or small - that otherwise might be forgotten. I don't just want to document the big things. I want to make sure that I remember even the small things. I once heard a quote that said, "One day, you'll wake up and realize that the small things in life were actually the big things." I love that!

Writing letters not your thing? 

Have you ever considered creating Family Yearbooks?