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January 11, 2012

My Collection of Money-Saving Tips

My Collection of Money-Saving Tips

My Collection of Money Saving Tips


Purchase more than one Sunday paper! Date your coupon inserts, and then - in the coming weeks - follow the blogs below! They will guide you!

*On the websites, search the weekly savings for the grocery stores/drug stores where you shop.
On the blogs, your Sunday paper coupon inserts will be referred to as follows:
SS = Smart Source Coupon Insert
RP = Red Plum Coupon Insert
P&G - Proctor & Gamble

For legitimate freebies, on-line savings, etc. follow You can "favorite" her website or "friend her" on Facebook.

Stockpile your household products! The cheapest place to buy kitchen products, cleaning supplies, paper goods, etc. is not Wal-mart, it's CVS! Take advantage of their weekly specials, bucks back, etc. Sign up for their e-mails - Use their coupon kiosk - Purchase a "Green Tag" - All of this will lead to saving a ton of money!

Stockpile your non-perishable groceries! This will make meal preparation easier, and your weekly grocery trip will start to only be for perishable goods. (Buy milk at the drugstore! Buy bread at the thrift store [freezing several loaves]!)

*Stockpiling will also provide you with items on hand - in case you have weeks where you are unable/too busy/etc. to coupon!

If you shop at Harris Teeter, sign up for eVIc, download their on-line coupons to your Vic card, and watch your e-mail box for their weekly specials! Without coupons, Harris Teeter is one of the most expensive places to shop; With coupons, it can be the cheapest!
*They will oftentimes put diapers (Pampers, Huggies, Luvs) on eVic special for $5.99 - Couple that with a coupon (especially during super-double week), and you can get diapers for as low as $2.49 a package. (Stockpile diapers/wipes and never pay full price!)

In-store coupons and manufacture's coupons can be stacked together for additional savings. Two coupons on one item? Yes, it's allowed!

When you shop in-store:

Do not pay full price for anything - especially clothing!** & If - after purchasing an item - you see it go on sale, ask the store for a price adjustment. Rarely, will they deny you money back.

Before heading out, "google" coupons, additional promotions, etc.

If you're willing/able to pay cash, stores will oftentimes negotiate prices with you! Your paying cash keeps them from having to pay card fees, etc. and they are usually willing to reward customers for doing so!

**Have you checked out thrift stores/consignment shops/yard sales lately? If you "just never find anything", you're either not going often enough or you're not looking hard enough!

When you shop on-line:

"Google" coupon codes for additional discounts, free shipping, etc.

Always check Amazon for a cheaper price! If you think Amazon doesn't carry it, they probably do!

Buy books on-line! (Barnes & Noble Bookstore is not for a money-saver - unless you have a coupon, of course!) =)

When you go out to eat:

Before you head out, "google" coupons for the restaurant or check your Entertainment Book. (Using an Entertainment Book/Attractions Book can lead to lots of savings!)

Do not order beverages, appetizers, or desserts - except for special occasions, of course. =)

Split meals with your spouse/friend - Healthier portion sizes and more savings!

If a restaurant offers carryout, do it! You'll save on the tip!
Use,, or for gift cards to great restaurants - at a discounted price!

When traveling:

Negotiate prices! Don't be afraid to ask for a deal! Example: When using to book vacation condos, etc. you will rarely have to pay the asking price.

For car trips, pack snacks, drinks,etc. to save from overspending at quick-stops.
Plan ahead! (Meals, attractions, etc.)

You may want to check out Packing Food for a Family Vacation:

When you purchase gas:

Pump on Wednesdays for lower prices.
If you shop at BiLo, you can earn gas rewards on the purchases you make. Make your gift card purchases at BiLo - It will count toward your Fuel Perks!

Around the house:

Wash laundry in cold water.

Adjust your thermostat when leaving for the day, out of town trips, etc.

Unplug appliances when they are not in use.

When reheating small portions, use the toaster oven or microwave instead of the oven.

Open the windows for light during the day, & turn off lights when they are not in use.

Don't be afraid to return new items that you do not want/have not used (clothing, unwanted gifts, household supplies, etc.) Most stores will take anything back - even without a receipt. You may not get cash back, but you will more than likely get store credit that can be put towards items you will use. Doing this also helps to declutter your drawers, cabinets, closets, etc.

Do you have any ideas to add to the collection? I'd love to hear them!

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