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February 19, 2014

Organizational Tips for Young Mommies (In the House & In the Car)

Organizational Tips for Young Mommies (In the House & In the Car)
Organizational Tips

In the House
As I was preparing for the birth of our first little guy, I set up "baby stations" in most of our common areas  - these stations included any and all items that would typically be needed in that space. In most of the areas, the items were put down in a decorative basket (anything to keep the house from looking like a day care...that is typically my goal).

When Caleb was born, the basket included diapers, wipes, diaper cream, thermometer (Note: We, as first-time parents, checked our baby's temperature every 15 minutes - as instructed by the hospital's discharge nurse.), a couple of outfit changes, extra socks, burp cloths, pacifiers, etc.

As he got older, I adjusted what was in the basket based on what was actually needed at the time.

I have used this same system with our newest addition, and it has been great! It has kept me from having to run up and down the stairs for an extra onesie, a new pack of wipes, or anything else I might need throughout the day.

In the Car
I use a similar system in the minivan. In front of each child's seat, there are small Thirty-One totes (During my first pregnancy, I was gifted 1,793 Thirty-One totes, and I have used them.) In each child's tote are the items they need when traveling in the car, when attending their weekly programs, when being dropped off at church nursery/classes, when eating out at a restaurant - everything is there. Some of the items include:

(Keep in mind that my kiddos are 2.5 years old and 6 months.)
first-aid kit/sunscreen/hand sanitizer
disposable restaurant placemats/disposable bibs
extra outfits/blankets
snacks/squeeze packs
extra sippy cups/snack containers
a few small toys/soft books
I also include plastic grocery store bags and Ziploc bags. These are awesome for soiled clothes, wet bathing suits, gross diapers that need thrown away at the first trash-can get the idea.

This works perfectly for us. When it's time to go somewhere, I literally gather up the kids and put them in the Mommy-Mobile. No packing up a diaper bag! No transferring items in and out of the house! Everything we need is already in the van.

Every few weeks, I clean the tote and take inventory - refilling items that have been depleted, swapping out small toys/soft books for different ones, removing items that are no longer needed. This part may sound time consuming, but staying organized this way saves me loads of time and stress.

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