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March 25, 2014

Creative Uses for Silicone Molds

I am in love with silicone molds - all colors, shapes, and sizes!

The options are endless - you can use these little guys to make chocolate candies, Jello jigglers, Playdoh shapes, creative ice cubes, crayons 
(Yes, crayons - Check out this pin and this this pin), and more!

Silicone Molds

I love these number/letter molds I found in this year's spring section at Hobby Lobby.

Check out what we did with this mold that I found in Target's dollar spot... easy science experiment to do with little ones.
Water + tiny drops of food coloring = beautiful ice cubes!
The water was clear until my little guy dropped his ice cubes down in the glasses.
Using this mold, we made [red] heart ice cubes (*Cue food coloring again.*) and red Jello jigglers.
This was a fun addition to our family Valentine's Day party.
I found this mold (in a brand new set of three) while browsing a garage sale.
As a former elementary classroom teacher, I am big-time against children ingesting dyes. Sooooo....these were used as [touch] sensory activities for my little guy.

Around our house, we use molds for sorting/classifying
as well as for laying a foundation for addition/subtraction, etc.
I will also sometimes use molds for serving snacks.

On Valentine's Day, my oldest ate his morning snack from one of my heart molds - one raisin in each heart-shaped section.
Sorting them, removing them, sorting them again, and then finally eating them kept him occupied for quit awhile. Needless to say, I served his afternoon snack [Cheerios] to him the same way.

Moral of the Story: Watch for molds wherever you go! They are an inexpensive way to get creative.

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