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January 16, 2015

Buying to Resell in Five Easy Steps

My Tips for Buying to Resell in Five Easy Steps
Buying to Resell

Purchase: I regularly find great items (oftentimes new/like new) for literally next-to-nothing. Where? At yard sales. At thrift stores. On clearance racks. This has been a fun hobby of mine for a long time, and after awhile, you learn what sells and what doesn't. When shopping, ask yourself a few questions. Is this a current brand/style? Is this item in excellent condition? Would a lot of other people be interested in this item?

Sort: Sort your purchases soon as you get home! If it is something my family needs, we keep it. If it is something I bought for the purpose of donating to a worthwhile charity, we pass it on to them. When bargain shopping, only buy things you need or will use in the near future! Only buy items that have a specific purpose in mind - items that will immediately have a new home. Do not veer away from this or you will in no time go from bargain hunter to hoarder.

Prepare: Items that I'm planning to keep for our family immediately go to our laundry room to be washed or cleaned as needed. Items that I'm planning to donate, go in large bags or boxes and are usually delivered within the week. Items that I'm planning to resell are handled in a variety of different ways. With the set-up/tear-down consignment events that I participate in throughout the year, the coordinators have asked that items be placed on hangers, steamed, and tagged accordingly. With the two consignment shops that I work with regularly, they ask that items be folded nicely and placed down in a bag or plastic tote.  I try to move to this step as quickly as possible so I'm not overwhelmed when it comes time for delivery.

Deliver: Because I have sorted and prepared items soon after purchasing, the delivery part is a breeze!

Collect the Cash: Here's where the payoff lies! I love this part: seeing a profit and knowing that I have been successful in using this as an opportunity to make additional money for our family~

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