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August 5, 2015

The Ups and Downs of Pregnancy

There are all kinds of yucky things that go along with pregnancy - things that are nauseating (literally), exhausting (Can I get an Amen?!) and gross (really gross); but there are also lots of incredible things about it as well!

The Ups and Downs of Pregnancy
The Ups and Downs of Pregnancy

Let's start with the downs....
Let's just not even discuss this part.

Would someone please pass the Tums? Like, right now!

Leg Cramps
Why do these happen in the middle of the night?
Why is my husband able to sleep through my screams?

Weight Gain
Just call me Big Mama...

Stretch Marks
Psst...Cocoa Butter does not work. Been there...done that...thrown out the bikinis.


Wait, did I already mention that?

Fear of the Unknown
My name is Elizabeth, and I am a control freak.

[Seemingly] Constant doctor's appointments
Are all of them really necessary?

All that comes along with doctor's appointments: urine samples, glucose drinks, blood work, exams, etc.
Is all of this really necessary?

Now for the ups...
Those kicks!
They've never really bothered me. I've always liked feeling baby's movements.

Gratefulness that our family is growing
Not everyone is able to experience the gift of pregnancy, and I can't help but feel thankful.

Hope for the future
It's exciting to think about all that God has planned for a new little one.

Picking out items for baby
I have loved shopping for my boys and now my girl. Let me rephrase that...I love shopping.

Getting organized for baby
Yes, I am that person.

The excitement of the baby's older siblings/grandparents
There is just nothing sweeter.

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