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March 12, 2012

What is Up With the Mommy Guilt?

This blog post was born out of a melt-down that I had over Caleb's Fisher-Price Nesting Vehicles - Yes, we're talking about a weeping session over plastic trucks. My parents bought these for Caleb for Christmas, but since the toy was marked as being appropriate for ages 6 months-24 months, I had been waiting to introduce them to him. He's not quite 6 months old, but since I - as his mother - feel he is so advanced ;-) (the same way you feel about your sweet little baby genius, I'm sure), I decided to introduce them to him at 5 1/2 months. *grin* As soon as I got them out, he became obsessed with them; and they continue to entertain him for hours - literally.

Anyway, following his first introduction to these toy cars, I started crying - feeling guilty that I had not let him play with them sooner. Prior to my little one's entrance into my life, I would have really questioned the stability of anyone who told me they reacted this way to a situation like this. So, if you stop reading at this point because you think I'm crazy, I will completely understand - maybe I am crazy....Ok, I know I'm crazy! What can I say?! This experience caused me to think about ALLLLL the other moments when I feel "Mommy-Guilt". 

Below are some of the other insane thoughts I've had.

Am I holding Caleb enough? Am I holding him too much?

Why did I use pre-packaged [although organic] fruits & veggies again? 
(Notice how I have to clarify "organic" in order to make myself feel better?)

You forgot to wipe Caleb's hands after he touched the dirty menu at Brixx - Now, he's going to get the flu and you'll never forgive yourself. Just expect to spend the next couple of nights at the hospital with him having to have fluids pumped into his little body. 
(Yes, the thoughts go this far sometimes.)

You're serving your husband an easy pasta dish - again!

Am I spoiling Caleb? Am I going to regret not spoiling him more?

Great job getting the laundry done, but um....why isn't it folded yet? 
Just throw it over there on top of yesterday's unfolded laundry.

Is Caleb playing with the right kinds of toys? Does he have enough toys? Does he have too many toys? Am I going to over stimulate him?

Your prenatal vitamins have red dye 40 in them - What the heck? What kind of mother wouldn't realize this sooner? Way to give your baby a good start in life!

You only read Caleb two stories today - Yesterday, you read him four.

I sincerely believe that all of these crazy thoughts stem from my wanting to be a good mom, but oh my - how they can plague a girl! Other moms have admitted having these same kinds of thoughts - Whether they're telling me the truth or simply trying to "make the crazy girl feel better", I appreciate it!

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