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July 26, 2012

"Christmas in July" by Caleb

My mommy loves Christmas!
She has been listening to Christmas music since I was born.
Is there any other kind of music?
Our "Christmas in July" celebration started off great!
I spotted a few decorations, yummy food on the table, and presents!
 Once the celebration started, though, I began to feel pretty tired.
My day had been really busy!
I was ready to go to bed, but mom made me stay up for the party.
The dinner Mommy made looked delicious,
but she didn't let me have any of it.
Once the presents were opened, I was officially ready for "Christmas in July" to be over - I needed to go to bed!
My Mommy & Daddy took forever to eat -
savoring every bite of their chicken parm.
I tried to give a few more smiles for the camera.

That didn't last long, though. I was exhausted!
Maybe next year, my mommy will think twice before she plans the celebration so close to my bedtime.
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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