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October 1, 2012

Sock Monkeyin' Around~ (First Birthday Party)

The theme for Caleb's first birthday was chosen...uh...before he was born. Yes, I am a planner, and I spent the entire year keeping an eye out for things that would work for the vision of sock monkeys that had been dancing in my head. Most everything you see in these pictures (except for the food items and utensils for food, of course) came from thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets. So fun! My inspiration came from magazines, Pinterest (no surprise there), and my love of all things sock monkey. Enjoy~

As part of the birthday celebration, we asked each grandparent and great-grandparent to write Caleb a letter that he would receive on his first birthday but not open until his tenth birthday!
I'm excited to stash these special notes away for him!

On the Menu:
Deep-Dish Pepperoni Pizza (from one of our favorite local spots)
Popcorn & Cracker Jacks
Granna's Famous Cheeseball
G.G.'s Famous Banana Pudding
Coca-Cola & Lemonade

Our goal was to keep things cozy, sweet, and sentimental, and that it was!
What a perfectly fun weekend to celebrate our precious gift~

To my dear, sweet mother-in-law,
Somehow, I made it through the day and did not get a picture of your delicious banana pudding!
I can't believe I missed capturing the yummy birthday party dessert. Please forgive me!