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June 2, 2014

Making Homemade Baby Food with a NutriBullet

A few weeks ago, I gave the NutriBullet a try~

I don't own one, but a relative let me give hers a try; and I had lots of fun playing around with it.
I made several batches of homemade baby food, and I thought I would share a little bit about how I did it!

Making Homemade Baby Food with the Nutribullet
Homemade Baby Food

 You know I love my Classic Beaba Baby Cook,

but it was fun experimenting with something a little different.

I mixed Greek Yogurt and a variety of fruit and made these fun Smoothie Popsicles.

I put some of the smoothie mixture in these Squooshies (Reusable Food Pouches).

I played around with a variety of other fruit & veggie mixtures.
(I typically add spinach to just about any of my concoctions.)

 Not only did I use my Squooshies, but I also used my BEABA Storage Containers.
The NutriBullet allowed me to make lots of baby food really fast!

My little ones have loved mashed banana...mashed avocado...mashed peas...etc. but the following concoctions have been some of our go-to favorites:

Recipe Ideas:

Recipe #1
Green Beans or Carrots
w/ a smidge of Apple for a sweet taste or garlic for a savory taste

Recipe #2
Baby Oatmeal
Ground Cinnamon

Recipe #3

Recipe #4

Recipe #5
Sweet Potatoes
w/ a smidge of Ground Cinnamon for taste

Recipe #6

For more recipe ideas, check out the BEABA Babycook Book?

Also be sure to check out Nutribullet's website! They offer all kinds of great ideas - including these delicious smoothie recipes!

Do you make food for your little ones? What's your favorite way to go about it?
What are your best go-to "recipes"?
Share them over on our Facebook Page!

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