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January 14, 2015

My Top Five Picks for Your Baby Registry

So it's time to set up your baby registry? What an exciting time! Today, I am sharing My Top Five Picks for Your Baby Registry! I have included five items that I know you will not regret adding to your registry.

My Top Five Picks for Your Baby Registry
Baby Registry

Yes, I realize that these aden & anais blankets are a good bit more expensive than some of the other blankets you will come across, but they are worth every.single.penny. I promise you! These blankets are lightweight, soft, and airy while still being perfect for any time of year! They are excellent swaddle blankets, but we have also used them in other ways! They wash well and last forever~ 

{Two} Go ahead and register for children's books! You will not regret getting a head start on building your little one's library, and if you're like me, you will love reading to your babies...from the start!

How to Build a Great Collection of Books for Your Kids will give you a few other budget-friendly tips that will help you grow your library. 

{Three} Diapers & Wipes
I would encourage you to avoid only registering for newborn diapers. In fact, my babies completely skipped the newborn size and quickly made their way to size 2s. So, be sure to add several packages of Size 1s...and 2s...and 3s...You'll be glad you did! While I realize that a lot of moms have strong opinions about certain brands of diapers and wipes, I will tell you that my boys have been fine with any and every brand that I've ever purchased...and thanks to amazing coupon deals, we have pretty much tried just about everything that's out there. 
P.S. I will say that diapers that include a "wetness indicator" can be incredibly helpful during those first couple of months at home...just something I thought was worth mentioning.

{Four} Transitional Gear 
When registering for your car seat, stroller, etc. be sure to check the minimums and maximums for weight, length, etc. You want to make sure you are picking out gear that will somewhat grow with your baby...this will save you from having to purchase a new (insert baby gear item) every few months. 

For more information on the specific brands/items we've loved, check out How's We've Done Things With Our Babies and How We've Done Things With Our Toddlers.

{Five} Don't forget to register for the boring breast milk storage bags, breast pump parts, batteries for your pump, baby bath towels (the thicker the better - in my opinion), feeding spoons (for when your little one starts eating solids), more advanced toys (for when your little one is able to sit up and play, safety gear (for when your little one become mobile), etc. 

Overall, I would encourage all new moms to think ahead! I realize that it's tempting to scan all of those cute little newborn outfits in to your registry; but you are more than likely going to receive so.many.clothes...clothes that your shower guests really wanted to pick out themselves...clothes that will never get worn, because let's face it...your baby is going to spend a lot of time in poop-stained onesies and spit-up covered sleepers. I'm sorry...please forgive me for that reality check...

In summary, use your registry for items that you know you will need. Ask your friends what they have really used...Browse the web for more practical tips...and whatever you do, do not register for a wipe warmer...You will more than likely end up returning twelve of them by the time your baby arrives...and although I have used Target's baby registry with my babies, their return process is NOT fun...even if you have a receipt...even if the item(s) is on your registry...even if you're 13.5 months pregnant...

...Yikes, I think I still have some unresolved issues lingering there...Once again, please forgive me...

If you are a new mom, I am so glad you're here! YOU are actually who has inspired this blog to continue! YOU are the reason that I write! Please know that every mother is different...every child is different...God has entrusted your little bundle of joy to YOU...He knows that YOU are going to be the best mother for your baby. With that being said, please do not allow this post...or any other post...or book...or magazine...or Wikipedia article...make you feel inadequate in any way. Go with your mommy gut, and you and your precious gift will be just fine! We're all different, and that's okay! In fact, you might even find that you love having a wipe warmer! ;-) 

With Love,

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