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December 17, 2012

Christmas-Themed Cooperative Learning Activities

December Co-Op Activities 

These activities can be modified/used for babies, toddlers, and/or preschool-age kiddos.
They can done individually or with small groups.

You can always count on food coloring to add a little excitement to an activity!
Add red or green food coloring to either shaving cream or bubbles & let the fun begin.
Very festive (and messy)!
Note: Moms will need an extra cup of coffee before diving in to this activity.

These Jello molds are great for sorting! What do we "sort" at our house? Cheerios! *smile*

 I love using cookie cutters for grasping practice, shape recognition, naming games, etc.
Holiday cookie cutters are probably my favorite!
*Cookie cutters and paint can also make for a fun combination!*

 Pull the red and green Mega Blocks from your stash, and let the holiday building fun commence! Ho, Ho, Ho! 

 Christmas picture books are easy to incorporate - here are couple that we have loved this year.
These are perfect reads for short attention spans!

This last activity doesn't look very "Christmasy", but we call them "December Dolphins" (Amazon calls them Tomy Toys Do Rae Mi Dolphins). The boys love them. As you bop each dolphin on the head, they produce a different musical note. They are super fun~
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