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January 7, 2013

Enjoying the Small Stuff

This week, as I jumped back in to blogging, I was so excited to tell you about our new little one on the way that I skipped right over telling you about our holidays! My goal this Christmas was to focus on the small things - the little things that make time with family so special. Here are the small moments that meant the most to me this year.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.
Robert Brault

Last Christmas, Caleb was more alert for the holidays than I thought he would be, but this year, he had an especially great time! He loved ripping the paper off his gifts and playing with the boxes and bows! He really noticed Christmas lights this year, so we took him out to look at them a couple of different times. Christmas through the eyes of a little one truly is sweet.

I loved the time Caleb got to spend with his grandparents and great-grandparents. They adore him, and it means so much to me when we can be together with them. When your family lives out of town, you grow to cherish any time you get with them. Here are a few pictures of our celebration with family. Did I mention how much fun the holidays are with a little one?

Every year, my dad buys my mom the sweetest Christmas card! 
The blur that you see is an old cell phone. Caleb is obsessed with phones, remotes, and keys.
He kept his keys with him all throughout the holidays. They are currently lost - I am in a panic...

I love listening to my mom play the piano! I remember one Christmas - one that was not as bright as usual - when she sat down and played "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" - the sweet and sentimental way she played it was beautiful. That is one of my favorite Christmas songs, and when I heard her play it this year, I was thankful that we were all together celebrating a very bright Christmas 2012~

It was special to be with my brother and his wife this Christmas! God has brought my brother so far, and - as a family - we are truly thankful for Paul's life! Spending time with him was one of the best parts of my Christmas this year. He seemed to like the goofy gifts I picked out for him - To have his laughter back in our life is a gift that I will never again take for granted.

Christmas with David's family was somewhat bittersweet, because his sweet grandfather had passed away earlier in December. David's grandmother joined us for our Christmas Eve celebration, and it was so special having her there with us. I will never forget the look on her face when she realized another great-grandbaby was on the way.

(An excerpt from "Letters to Caleb" honoring his precious great-grandfather)
Dear Caleb,
...We named you after him, because he has always meant so much to your dad. When your dad and I first started dating, B. was one of the first relatives that your dad told me about – He had always served as such a great example to all who knew him. As I stood in the receiving line to greet funeral guests, I heard story after story of the generosity your great-grandfather had shown to people. Through the years, he consistently gave of his time and energy to help others, and I hope you will model that same behavior throughout your days. When your dad was a little boy, he wrecked one of B’s  lawn mowers. Your daddy says that B never raised his voice or showed any anger over what had happened. He simply showed your dad how the lawnmower could be put back together. I am always so impressed by this story, and I have heard many others just like it. Your dad often says, “I wish you could’ve known B. the way he always was – cracking jokes, telling stories, etc.” I wish that, too, sweet Caleb. However, from the moment I met him, I saw a twinkle in his eye that showed me how much fun he could be; and I loved the smile he had on his face when we would come to visit – even on days when he wasn’t feeling well. Just a few days after Thanksgiving, you and I went to visit B. You walked back and forth from his bed to your great-grandma’s chair – jingling a set of car keys and stomping your cowboy boots on the floor. They loved watching you wander around the room. For a few minutes, though, you sat in a chair next to B’s bed. He watched you sit there next to him, and you even shared your keys with him. (You love keys and you won’t just share them with anyone.) We told him we would be back to visit him at Christmas. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it until Christmas, but I will never forget that one last visit we had with him. You had made his day! In his final year on this earth, you gave him something to celebrate! I pray you will honor his life and his name that we have passed on to you by modeling the qualities that made him such a special person...
I love you~