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April 25, 2013

An Update on My Boys

I love being a "boy mom"! I love the loud, active, rowdy play - even if they do average multiple gallons of milk a week. We have a spare fridge/freezer order in the works...and I refuse to even let myself start thinking about the grocery consumption that is to come when they are teenagers.

Here is an update on my two growing boys:


Weighing in at 29 lbs, Mama's back feels every ounce! He is in the 100th percentile for height, and growing by the minute. The doctor has encouraged us to go ahead and transition to a toddler bed, but we continue to put that off - maybe this weekend will be the weekend we take his room to the next level of "toddler-proofing" in order for Mommy to feel comfortable with this transition.

He's wearing mainly 2Ts in regular clothes and 3T in pajamas. He wears an 8.5 shoe and is currently loving cowboy boots and Crocs. They make life easy - Sign me up!

He's talking up a storm - repeating everything he hears and some! It's hilarious - most of the time! We love the way he greets us in the mornings with "HEY!" and yells "BYE-BYE!" at night instead of "night-night". He's fun and active - 100% boy! He is currently obsessed with shoes, Curious George, wheels, doors, keys, and the neighbor's dog. He's an awesome sleeper and a well-rounded eater! He is strong-willed and makes a habit of testing the limits - but he's learning, I hope (and so are we).

He attends weekly story-time/music-time and art class and loves getting together with other kids for co-ops and play dates. In a few months, we will start attending weekly Community Bible Study - which offers an incredible curriculum for even the toddlers. We visited this past week, and Caleb came away quoting part of a Bible verse he had learned in his class. Is anything in the world better than that?!

We are trying to teach him the new baby's name. He has trouble saying "Isaac", but he points to my belly and says "baby" quite often. The only problem with this is that he thinks all big bellies have babies in them. We are concerned that this may become an issue, but we are hopeful that strangers will be understanding. ;-)


This week, we got to see his profile (I just love that view!), and watch him suck on his fingers and stick out his tongue.
Weighing in at just under 2 lbs, Mama's back feels every bit of that as well - or maybe it's the 25 lbs that I've gained that has me waddling. Wait - no need to bring my stats in to this blog post. *smile*

Isaac is very active! I felt those first flutters around the same time I did with Caleb, but he kicked the daylights out of me one evening around 17 weeks - This was a shocker, and he's continued to do this every so often. David has loved seeing my belly start to "jump", and he usually makes a comment like "I can't believe this is happening!" or "Are you ready to do this all over again?"(Do you sense the concern over the coming sleep deprivation? Yes, I have experienced some mild panic attacks over this as well.)

Our families are excited about another new addition, and we are looking forward to our family growing! I plan for my summer of nesting to include the making of 135,693 freezer meals [to use after baby comes] and lots of time in the pool! This will be my second summer pregnancy, and I am prepared with plenty of sunscreen, water bottles, and a pool noodle (Oh yeah, and swim diapers for Caleb!).

Have a great day, everyone! Love on your family~

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