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June 3, 2013

Faith Lessons at Dinnertime

I love finding ways to incorporate faith lessons in to our day-to-day, and these Bible cards from The Beginner's Bible have been the perfect addition to our dinnertime routine.

I keep all of the cards (as well as a couple of Caleb's Bibles) in a basket in our kitchen. Each evening at dinner, we choose one of the cards to use as a guide for our family devotions.

 The cards are divided in to seven different categories: 1) Scriptures & Teachings; 2) Animals & Plants; 3) Miracles & Wonders; 4) Work & Play; 5) Daily Life; 6) People; 7) Events. 

 The front of each card includes an overall category label, a title, two comprehension questions, a timeline, and a corresponding scripture.

 The back of each card is titled and includes a Scripture, a corresponding story, a "did-you-know" question and a faith lesson summary.

The Beginners Bible website is a great resource! The site includes lots of free printables, etc. that you may be interested in using. I have had these cards for several years, and have used them in a variety of different settings. They work great for my toddler, but I have also used them with children as old as 3rd grade. While I have had trouble finding this particular product on the publisher's site, I did spot various listings on Amazon, eBay, etc.