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November 5, 2013

Babies & Balloons

This summer, throughout my pregnancy, I never felt alone. Why? Because one of my sweet friends was due with her second boy just days after our due date.
(You should see our text conversation from months 7, 8, and 9 - hilarious!)
We intended to take a prego picture together, but we kept forgetting and both went into labor before we ever got that shot.
We delivered one day apart and finally got a the she was checking out and I was eating a "delicious" post-partum dinner. *smile* 

"Where are the babies?", you ask. The daddies were holding our new little bundles, and we never thought to get the little ones in this picture! Good grief! We have blamed this on the fact that we had JUST delivered.

We both spent a night in the hospital and headed home to our toddlers. Our playdates now include four little ones instead of two. So glad to know this sweet family!
Here are a few shots from a fun evening at the Hot Air Balloon Festival. We happened to spot our friends on the hillside and had a great time together!
Still no babies...we are clearly not on our game!

Here are the big brothers - playing together - ignoring the gigantic balloons.

HERE are the babies...finally. They're both so sweet! (We like our hubbies, too.)

Until next year...

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