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March 10, 2014

Keeping Your Family Healthy: A Few Things We Do to Avoid Germs & Sickness

Sure, throughout the course of a kid's life, they are going to experience 198,674 rounds with the yuckies; In fact, it is good for them to be exposed to germs - Their immune systems benefit from being able to fight off crud every once in awhile, but here are a few things we do around here to keep our family as healthy as possible.

Keeping Your Family Healthy: A Few Things We Do to Avoid Germs & Sickness

We wash hands! We always have wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. nearby, but we believe hand-washing is best.

Our kids eat REAL food - loads of raw fruits, veggies, and protein - no junk. We stay away from processed sugars, dyes, and processed nastiness. Treats are a rare exception...not the rule.

We make sure everyone is getting their daily dose of Vitamin D - whether it be in quality milk or in the natural drops I use with my babies (during their first year when they are nursing).

When it is clear that one [or both] of our kiddos have a compromised immune system, we stay home. We rest. We increase fluids. We ingest extra C-foods (Vitamin C). Yes, this requires flexibility in my schedule - Sometimes I am unable to attend our weekly events - but that's okay. I think that rest/adequate sleep is really important all of the time - I am good at making this a priority for my children, but I need to do better for myself in this area!

Have you heard of Sambucol? We have started keeping some of this amazingness on hand. It's great for kids & adults.

During flu season, we typically avoid children's museums, public parks, indoor playgrounds, etc.
and after we return from doctor's offices, church, preschool activities, play dates, etc. we do baths/take showers.

As soon as hubby walks in the door from work, he heads upstairs to the shower. When I was a classroom teacher, I did the exact same thing.

I change out/wash hand towels daily, and I [unashamedly] use disposable paper towels.

If possible, I use a stroller instead of a shopping cart [when my kids are with me]. However, if I need a shopping cart - I always wipe down the front area with a Clorox wipe. Thankfully, lots of stores offer these at the door!

We try not to forget to wipe down the nastiest items of all - keys, phones, computers/tablets, remote controls, light switches, appliance handles, steering wheels, reusable shopping bags, purses, diaper bags, totes, etc.

My friends and I have an understanding that before play dates, get-togethers, etc. we communicate openly as to whether or not everyone is well. We are completely honest and transparent...right down to texting the details of nasal discharge...not kidding ~ If one of the involved kiddos is sick, plans are cancelled. No problem. No hard feelings. It is been this way since everyone started having their babies, and it's totally okay. We are a thick-skinned group.

Before we travel to visit relatives or friends, we always make sure everyone at our destination is well. We do not want to walk in to a situation where we are exposed to illness. If we find out someone is sick, we change our plans. You may think this sounds weird or harsh. However, remember that YOU are the one who will have to be up all night with sick kids. Yes, be kind in explaining why you can't make it; but if someone is not understanding, that's okay.. You are responsible (to an extent) for the well-being of your family; and we are all exposed to enough germs without knowingly walking in to additional ickiness.

*If you arrive to a location and realize that someone has not been honest about the fact that the yuckies are flowing through their house (We have dealt with this more than once.), dump a bottle of bleach over their head and run like the wind. Just kidding...not really. ;-)

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