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May 9, 2014

Five Baby/Toddler Goodies that are Working for Us Right Now

 You may have heard me talk about my love/hate relationship with IKEA; but I love this food storage container from IKEA. I was looking for something that would easily pour my little one's cereal, and this has been perfect.
Pouring directly from the box, I make such a mess, but this gem is so easy to use! The lid stays open while you pour, the cereal flows out smoothly without any issue. I wish I had grabbed one of these sooner.
Do you know about Squooshis? The store-bought squeeze packs [or those delivered to my house directly from] ;-) are oftentimes more practical for our lifestyle, but I love using these little gems when I can.)
We also love the Babycook machine - pictured here~
 While we are chatting about feeding little ones, I love these spoons by NUK. I have tried pretty much every type of feeding spoon out there, and while they all typically do the job, these are my favs!

Now...let's talk bathtime. Until our little ones are sitting up steadily, we stick with a typical baby bathtub. However, as their legs get longer (and they become steadier), we have loved transitioning them to this tub by hoppop. It is perfect - It fits down in our regular bathtub, and it such a great size...Your littles will fit in this tub for a looooong time. We found ours at Home Goods - They are currently sold out on Amazon and Babies 'R Us, but keep watching for them! You may even be able to find them on another site!
(They come in a variety of great colors - We just happen to have the blue one.)

Another great bathtime favorite of ours: Check out this Bathtub Toy Organizer by Kidco. When the toys in the bathtub were starting to drive me crazy, I knew I had to do something; This toy organizer has been such a huge help - and my little guys like how easy it is to access their various toys while they are playing.

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