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August 27, 2014

Sandwiches on the Griddle

 Today, we're talkin' hot sandwiches - easy pleasers for sure (at least in this house)!

While I always love a good deli sandwich, my hubby is not a huge fan of cold cuts, etc. 
A hot sub? A grilled panini? Now you're speaking his language!

Sandwiches on the Griddle
Grilled Hot Cheese Sandwiches

I love using my griddle to make hot sandwiches - It allows me to make everyone's sandwich at one time, and it's super easy cleanup! These are also fun to do outside on the grill:
Most of the time, I simply use whatever ingredients are in my fridge... cheese, bacon, spinach, and onion~ Grill those onions separately before you throw them on, and it will make for heaven on earth. While we love sourdough, sometimes we use just plain bread. See that heel down there on the end? Flip it over (facing in) and no one ever seems to notice they're eating the heel. Okay, okay, I'll admit it. I always eat the heel just in case it's going to upset anyone. This would be just one example of the many sacrifices I make as a mother.