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October 31, 2014

My Thursday Didn't Start Off Great....

Thursdays...they are my favorite day of the week...I love how they give me a little glimpse into the weekend...I've always had a thing for Thursdays...

However, yesterday, I woke up grumpy...really, really grumpy. Thursdays are also one of the days when we attend a local program that offers faith-based classes for moms as well as classes (not just babysitting) for the littles! This gives me yet another reason to love Thursdays! My kids love their teachers and all of the activities they do, and I love my dose of coffee, fellow mama chat, and encouragement from the Word - and boy did I need it yesterday!

At the onset of the morning, my hubby's alarm sounded too loudly, and I almost murdered him over it.
*Note: The alarm's volume control remains the same everyday. I was just grumpy. 

My kid's woke up early....Great. 

My coffee didn't taste like it always does...I make it the same way everyday. 

I was out of the bread I like to use for my morning toast...This really irritated me. 

While trying to get ready for the day, my kids were extra dramatic...Imagine how fun that was. 

As I was pulling out of the garage, I noticed something wasn't quite right with the I sent my husband a couple of nasty text messages about that. 

I dropped my kids off at their classes (a little early), and I headed to the ladies' room...I like to go in there and sit....alone in a stall....and revel in the fact that I'm in the bathroom alone....Mamas, you KNOW what I'm talkin' about here. As I was leaving the restroom, a smiling face greeted me and said "How are you doin' this mornin'?" At first I responded with a big smile and: "Doin' are you?"....and then I stopped myself.

I turned back to her and I said, "You know what? I'm in a bad mood today. I have been ugly to my hubby this morning, and guess what class I'm signed up for this semester?" (and I held up this book:)

Yes, this book.....This is the class that I was heading to yesterday morning....after I had blasted my husband about his alarm clock and then followed it up with a couple of less than sweet text messages. 

The sweet lady responded with a description of her own struggles from the morning as well as all kinds of thoughtful encouragement, and I have to tell you....It was kind of nice to actually be honest with someone....someone who until yesterday was a total stranger to me. I was encouraged by her kindness and inspired by her honesty.

What would happen if we quit giving each other the fake smiles....quit responding with the "I'm are yous?"....quit feeding the churchy lines....and started being real? I'm not talking about verbally vomiting all over everyone you meet, but just being honest about your normal, day-to-day struggles...We all have them. Why do we insist on living in such isolation? We need each other - It is so important that we make connections and draw strength from one another. We were created to be relational, so let's embrace that and stop being so stubbornly fake and closed off from one another.

My Thursday started out rough, but everything changed when I was honest with someone...

...and I must say, a hot cup of coffee helped, too~

What kind of week have you had? I really do want to know!

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