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November 14, 2014

Our Wedding

In honor of mine and David's anniversary month, I want to give you a glimpse into our wedding day. It was perfect in every way, and I love reliving it through photos! Enjoy a peek~

The goal was sweet, sentimental, get the idea. We had an evening wedding...with lots of dream come true. 

Before I became a mama, I was a classroom teacher - and yes, I wanted all of my former [and present] students, their families, and my co-workers to be involved in our special day. So prior to the main event, I held a "Photos & Treats with the Bride" session for all of those special people in my life. Yes, they saw my dress early; Yes, I had partied a little bit before I even walked down the aisle; But all of these people [still] have a special place in my heart, and I wanted to celebrate with them as well. One of my sweet little boys greeted me with a long-stemmed still my heart. 
 I greeted them...took pictures with them...and as you can see, my veil had started to hair had gotten a little disheveled...but we had such a sweet, sweet time...definitely one of my favorite memories from the day!
 Just in case you were wondering, yes, I made it through without any spills on my dress. 
Side note: I served snacks...all white snacks...white cake...popcorn...clear liquid. You may think this is a crazy idea, but I couldn't imagine my day without all those little loves being there...visiting with me on that couch...At times, I kind of felt like Santa Claus. *smile* 

After this reception, everyone headed to the ceremony, and our separate family reception followed the ceremony.

Now...onto the ceremony: 

A string trio - directed by a co-worker of mine - kicked off the evening with some of my favorite tunes. Months before, I provided a list of songs I wanted them to play - most of them were not traditional wedding songs: Allison Kraus, James Taylor, Bread, Doyle Dykes, music from the Anne of Green Gables soundtrack, you get the idea. They played them all...perfectly...and it was exactly what I wanted. If you live in the Carolinas and would love to know more about the group I used, please reach out to Jose R. Bas. I give them a five-star rating! 
I incorporated two other songs into the ceremony - "One Love" & "Shine on Us" - these were sung by friends of mine who also did an amazing job. Their voices will give you a good way. 

As far as the decor goes, it was black & white w/ red roses - all over the place!

Our photographer was amazing! She is a beautifully creative person who captured incredible this one...
I walked down the aisle to "White Rose for Heidi" by Doyle Dykes - My daddy walked me down the aisle, then remained there with us to perform the ceremony. David and I - along with our bridal party - faced the audience. My dad's back was to the audience, and everyone loved being able to see us throughout the ceremony. Having my dad marry us was absolutely one of the most special parts of the whole day. He did such an incredible job..."Since Elizabeth was born, we have prayed for the man she would someday marry..." Uh...insert tears!

I swore I was not going to buy my dress at David's Bridal...but that's exactly where I found my gown! I spotted it in the catalog...and I knew immediately that it was what I wanted! I tried a few others on...just to give them a fair chance...but they were so not right for me.

A Glimpse into Our Reception:

My mom made all of the centerpieces...yes, from start to finish, she tackled this project, and she did an amazing job. It was truly a labor of love! My mama's hand-print was on every aspect of the wedding. She carried out my wishes - never questioning them...never acting impatient when I changed my mind a few times...always willing to carry out a task in the most creative, excellent way. That is just how she is, and I can not imagine what the day would've been like without her as my go-to gal. She helped to create the perfect event for us - and I still get choked up when I think about how much love went into everything she did.

Our delicious red-velvet wedding cake was created by Courtney from Confections by Courtney. Courtney is a dear friend of mine, and when I laid eyes on the wedding cake that she had created for us, it completely took my breath away. If you are a bride-to-be living in the Carolinas, you will definitely want to collaborate with Courtney to create your dream cake. She is passionate about baking, considerate of her customers, and eager to make sure she does her part to make your big day exactly what you've envisioned...right down to the cake! 
In an effort not to offend some of our more conservative wedding guests, we chose to only do a first dance. While some of our friends and family would have enjoyed bustin' a move, we chose to let them watch us slow dance like middle-schoolers and then we moved on with the food. 
 I can still remember what we were talking about in this very moment...It was something along the lines of: "I am so ready to get to the Caribbean."

Only one regret from the day...We let our friends roast us. We did this in an effort to "entertain" our guests...since we were not offering a dance floor to those ready to cut loose. We thought we trusted our wedding party...We had encouraged them to keep it short and sweet.......well, the look on my face pretty much says it all...
Most of our friends were incredibly sweet, telling great stories that had our guests in stitches, sharing thoughtful memories of friendship, etc. but I had a couple of friends who told stories that I had never heard...stories that weren't exactly true...nothing too crazy...but just enough weird to make everyone wonder "Where in the world did she find this bridesmaid?" 

But we put smiles on our faces...
...and breathed a sigh of relief when it was over...

I don't recommend putting yourselves through that~
We loved visiting with our reception guests and felt badly that we didn't make it to everyone...and I still wish I knew who bought us the Pyrex set that was missing its card...If it was you, please shoot me an e-mail. I owe you a thank-you note~

**All wedding photos included in this post were taken by Love Defines Us Photography**

Following the reception, we headed to a historic hotel and then the next morning, we caught a plane to the Caribbean. 

It was perfect...
...and my hubby...he's pretty amazing, too!

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