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January 1, 2015

My Approach to Making Homemade Tot Food

My Approach to Making Homemade Tot Food
Homemade Tot Food

When making homemade baby food, I have tried a couple of different methods! I have use both the Nutribullet and the Classic Beaba Baby Cook, and I have great things to say about them both! 

Making your own baby food definitely takes a bit of planning and organization. 
Here's an approach that works best for me especially as I now consider making homemade tot food:

When visiting the grocery store, I gather up lots of produce. 
Some produce is super easy to get into my kids: bananas, blueberries, strawberries, greens beans, corn, beans, etc. are all things that my kids will eat as finger foods...with no problem. 

So when I'm shopping for items to include in homemade tot food, I gather up fruits and vegetables that are a little more difficult for little ones to chew when raw.  

Usually the following go-to items are on my list:
sweet potatoes

Sometimes I get adventurous and throw in something like eggplant, or okra, or bok choy, but not normally.

That evening (after the kids go to bed) or the next day (during naptime), I get to work! 
I wash and chop my produce, pull a few items off of my spice rack (pepper, garlic, and cinnamon), and get to cookin'! 

Sometimes, I will make just an applesauce: usually apples with a dash of ground cinnamon. 

Sometimes, I will make just sweet potatoes - also adding a dash of pepper and garlic or ground cinnamon for flavor. 

However, more often than not, I will create a fruit/vegetable mixture
Here are a few of my go-to ideas!

1. Sweet Potatoes & Apples (w/ cinnamon)*

2. Carrots & Spinach (w/ a few slices of apple for taste)

3. Spinach & Apple 

4. Apples & Blueberries (w/ a few leaves of spinach)

When I make homemade baby food, there are no rules! Any flavors that I think will work well together, I toss them in, steam them up, and prepare them to be stored until served. I love how you can tailor it to fit your child's preferences! Some moms do not like to mix flavors...they want to keep vegetables as vegetables and fruit and fruit...I understand where they are coming from, and in an effort to encourage my kids to eat both (and of course the issue usually lies with vegetables), I will sometimes create mixtures that are made of more of the vegetable...adding just a bit of fruit for flavor. For example: *3 parts sweet potato + 1 part apple + a dash of cinnamon.

Though I make somewhat large batches, I usually do not freeze of my concoctions. They can absolutely be frozen, and there are so many great storage options out there for that; but my kiddos usually plow through what I've made, and then it's time for me to make another batch (or serve them quality pre-made squeeze packs, because mamas, let's face it...There are times when we have more energy and there are times when we have less...).  

For refrigerator storage, we love: 

This continues to be a great approach - not only for my toddler - but also for my older pre-schooler who is going through a phase where he doesn't always finish what mama puts on his plate. 

If you have any questions, shoot them my way, and I will update the post accordingly! 

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