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March 28, 2015

Teaching Your Children to Respect Books

There are few things I have loved more than watching my little ones fall in love with books! 
Fostering a hunger for reading has been a priority from the time my first little fella was in my tummy, and as he has gotten older and another little guy has joined our family, I have been passionate about teaching them to respect books. 

Teaching Your Children to Respect Books
Respect Books

I love reading out loud to my children! They love reading with me, but nothing compares to when Daddy reads with them - That's their favorite! What a great opportunity to model not only strong reading skills but also how to handle books with care.

We have been attending library story time since my oldest was in the Baby Story Time program. He has always loved the male librarian that leads this time, and I love that he is interacting with another male who enjoys books - as reading is unfortunately, oftentimes, handled as a "female sport".

Encourage your children to take good care of their books as well as any that they borrow from the library!

Library Books

From the beginning, teach them how to correctly hold a book, how to turn its pages, how to carefully close it, and how to appropriately put it away where it goes. We try to discourage them from standing on books, throwing books down in the floor, etc.

In our main living area, books are stored in a special book basket - If I feel like the basket is getting too full, I put some of the books away in a closet - rotating them by season, whether or not my littles are getting bored with them, etc.

These few things have made all the difference when it comes to teaching my little ones to respect books.

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