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May 6, 2015


May has arrived! Around here, the allergies are a smidge better, and we are winding down some activities and gearing up for summer~ 

Currently, I'm...

Designing - I am knee-deep in putting together a certain little girl's nursery and working on doing  a little bit of transitioning with her two older brothers' rooms. For her room, I'm planning to go with a pink and green color scheme - I already have several accent pieces that I've thrifted along the way [just in case], but now that we KNOW we're having a girl, I am excited to order her furniture and start putting the room together. For the boys' rooms, we simply have some rearranging to do - and I may add a few new things here and there just for fun.

Enjoying - I am really enjoying the fact that our oldest is....well, getting older. This past Sunday we took him out for a date and left our little one behind with a sitter. While it felt weird to head out as a family of three, it was also nice to not be toting a diaper bag...a stroller...a sippy cup...a snack know the drill.

Ordering - I have been ordering fun free stuff for my little girl - Her carseat canopy, nursing cover, and nursing pillow arrived last week! Want your own or need great gifts for another mama? Check out the codes! *Shipping not included.

Celebrating - I am celebrating the second trimester! Except for some back pain here and there, I am feeling great - so much better than I was in January...and February...and the first part of March! Oh yes, and it's my birthday season - I'm celebrating that, too! Feel free to begin sending cards and gifts. I also accept cash as well as gift cards to Target and Starbucks.

Tasting - I hope I don't offend anyone here, but Dunkin' Donuts coffee usually doesn't do much for me - but lately? It has tasted just right! Goldilocks is pleased.

So what are you designing, enjoying, ordering, celebrating, and tasting?

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