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May 4, 2015

Taking Steps to Declutter

It has been said that clutter is simply unmade decisions - I believe there is a lot of truth in that! Especially as a home maker, I want to be decisive...and organized...and intentional...about creating a family life that nurtures rather than stresses. Maybe you have the same desire, but you feel overwhelmed about where to start. 

In this post, I am going to include resources that I have found to be helpful to me in this area. If you are struggling with the desire or the motivation to tackle what feels like an overwhelming task - your home, may I encourage you to pray:

"God, give me desire where there is no desire and energy where this is no energy...Instead of being overwhelmed by my stuff and my mess, will you please overwhelm me with your peace and presence as I take small steps toward progress...not perfection?"

Friends, if you are struggling with discouraging thoughts, challenging strongholds, destructive generational patterns, I want to urge you to refuse take those thoughts captive and replace them with God's goodness and grace toward you. 


Social Media Inspiration: 

The term minimalist might scare you, but becoming minimalist has a lot of great thoughts and tips for gaining a good perspective about stuff. If you don't already follow along with him, I would encourage you to connect with him for a little inspiration. 

Cleaning Tips:

Everyone is different and will find cleaning inspiration in a variety of different places! There are so many great approaches out there, but here are a few resources that I think might interest you. If you feel stressed out by an approach, move on and find one that works for you!

If you like to use printables to help you get organized in your goals, Clean Mama is going to become your best friend!
Photo Credit: Clean Mama

So many women have found the Fly Lady to be a huge help to them! She offers alot of great little tips that will keep you from feeling overwhelmed in the cleaning process.

Sarah Mae openly shares about her progress in this area! On her blog, she shares loads of great practical tips as well as candid photos that will remind you that you are not alone in your journey~

Tips for Purging Your Home:

Want to have a cleaner home? Own less stuff. It works every time. - becoming minimalist

The first step (before you begin organizing) is purging - getting rid of all of the stuff you don't need...don't use...don't even want. I would highly suggest focusing on one room at a time -  Here are a few tips to help you.

Purging/Organizing Your Closet:

I really love the ideas and inspiration included in this post: 
This photo is from that post, and you will love reading her thoughts!
Photo Credit: Dallas Moms Blog
I also love learning great little tips from A Bowl Full of Lemons!
Check this one out: Keep a laundry basket (with a trash bag inside) in your closet. Whenever you want to purge clothing, just toss it into the basket. Once the trash bag is full, it's time to donate!

Organizing Your Kids' Stuff:

If you have kids, managing their stuff can be a full-time job! Around here, I have found some tips and tricks that work well for us

Organize Kids

Maintaining Order in Your Mini-Van:

Keeping our vehicle organized is key to things running smoothly for us around here! If our van is a mess, you can rest assured that my blood pressure is slightly elevated, but a few simple tips have been the ticket to keeping our mini-van de-cluttered and organized

Tips for Purging Your Schedule:

Yes, I'm sure you would agree that we could all use some de-cluttering when it comes to our busy schedules. It has been said, We can do anything - but not everything. I see some truth in that statement - We are all far too busy...saying yes to far too many [good] things...pushing ourselves (and our families) to unhealthy limits...and we must learn how to to Choose the best and say no to the rest. (Julie Ann Barnhill) In the coming days, I'm looking forward to sharing more about this topic! 
Stay tuned~

Recommended Books:

Living with Less by Mark Tabb.

Have you heard of David Platt, Francis Chan, and Craig Groeschel? While their books are not specifically about decluttering...or simplifying...they encourage their readers to live with eternity in mind...which most definitely impacts that way we live now...without a focus on ourselves and our stuff...but on the kingdom.

I guarantee that if you allow these books to impact your life, you will feel compelled to make some tough decisions about your STUFF!

*God has used these books in my life - in a POWERFUL way! I pray you will find encouragement in them as well - no matter what season of you life you find yourself.*