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February 27, 2014

My Favorite Cleaning Products

Lately, on "All Kinds of Things", we've been talking purging, sorting, organizing, etc. so why not just go ahead and chat about my favorite cleaning products?

Cleaning Products
All of these products are safely stored on each level of our house.
That way, I am not toting cleaning supplies up and down stairs.

Some of my top picks may be your favorites, too, or you may have others that you prefer - 
Either way, let's get started. 

Vinegar and Baking Soda are most definitely my main sidekicks when it comes to cleaning anything! I use them when I'm doing my garbage disposal...and I especially love vinegar when I'm cleaning my clothing steamer or my coffee pot. 

Vinegar is such a great chemical-free cleaning agent, and I love that! I buy extra-large bottles of vinegar at Target, and I usually throw a couple of them in the shopping cart each time I'm there!

Read about My Vinegar Miracle

Now...for some other favorites of mine [that might not be quite so eco-friendly].

Speaking of laundry, I discovered Zout after a wild night at an all-you-can-eat crab leg buffet in Myrtle Beach. You know that delicious butter sauce you use for dipping crab meat? You know the rest of the story...

 When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, Kaboom is where it's at!
A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that she never uses anything else to clean her shower! Once I finally gave this brand a try, I was hooked, too! With Kaboom, you basically spray on, and it does the work for you! 
I have also fallen in love with their toilet bowl cleaner:
"Is it possible to fall in love with toilet bowl cleaner?", you ask. Yes, yes it is.

My life changed forever when Windex came out with this easy-to-use dispenser.
I keep one of these in each of our bathrooms (near the sink/mirrors) for easy spot-cleaning, etc.

For cleaning my gas range, I have loved the soft cleanser from Bar Keepers Friend
*They also make a powder form that people have used for generations.*
For stainless steel appliances, this light spray-foam cleanser from Weiman has been the only thing I've found that does the trick!

Cleaning Hardwoods, Carpet, and Tile

For our hardwood floors, we have had great results with Bona Products...
(For spot treating, I use this spray bottle, and for cleaning large areas, I pour Bona solution (from a larger-sized bottle of Bona) into my Rubbermaid Reveal and go from there.

The Rubbermaid Reveal is great...
I love the width of it...I love that I can add solution when I want or just use it without (dry)...I love that I can wash the pads and reuse them...I love that I can buy new pads if I need them. The Swiffer was my college boyfriend, but Mr. Reveal is the man who will walk with me into the golden years of life. 
I love him so~
*Vinegar also works great on hardwood floors...and a lot of people have had great success using baking soda to scour tiled areas.* 

This spray from Woolite can work on carpeted spaces or area rugs. 
Definitely test it in a small space before using it - as it is pretty powerful!

Bonus Tip: This automatic soap dispenser by Lysol is especially "handy" in the kitchen. 
I use it after I finish preparing meat, etc.

What are your go-to favorites? 
What cleaning products/tools make your life a little easier to manage?

Looking for tips to make cleaning your kids' toys easy as pie?