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May 1, 2015

Two Less Fish Under the Sea - Beach Bridal Shower

Last weekend, I attended a bridal shower for a very special friend - This family has become so dear to me over the years, and I was excited to celebrate with her! Her older sister - one of my best friends on God's green earth - put together a beautiful event! 

Two Less Fish Under the Sea - Beach Bridal Shower
Beach Bridal Shower
With a beach destination wedding in the works, a beach bridal shower was the perfect plan! I am excited to share with you a little glimpse of the decor and the food!

Guestbook Table

Table Decor

Party Favor Boxes

And now...for the food! 

I made sure to find a seat as close to the food as possible...

and I think I was third in line for the buffet...

and I think I saw people staring at the mound of food I put on my plate...

but then I assumed they would also see my baby belly and assume that was the explanation...

but I felt that they should know my plate would have been just as full had I not been carrying a child.

Instead of making an announcement about this, I decided to sit down and enjoy my food.

P.S. See this broccoli salad? I ate three servings of it. 

(Don't you just love all the cute little names assigned to the food? It was perfect!)

Speaking of perfect, check out the cake!

Okay, let's zoom in on the top...

Now look at the gorgeous shimmer shells added as accents...

Now back to the top - I can't get enough of these little beach chairs!

The cake was made by another one of my dearest friends! Her name is Courtney, and she is the creative genius behind Confections for Courtney! If you are in the North Carolina area, you must check out her work~ I know she would love to work with you to create the perfect cake, cupcakes, etc. for your next event. 

Psst...Over five years ago, I entrusted her with the task of making my wedding cake, and she nailed it...completely nailed it!

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