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August 17, 2015

#1 Tip for Teacher Organization

Today, I am sharing my #1 Tip for Classroom Teacher Organization!
If you do nothing else to get your year off to an organized start, at least make sure you do this!
Teacher Organization

At the beginning of the school year, print a list that includes each child's first name. 
*In alphabetical order - either by first name or last name - depending on how you do your documentation for grading, etc.*
If you have students with the same first name, include their last initial - but keep your list as simple as possible. 

Use a fun font, but one that works for you, and set your font size to be around 18 - just make sure that everyone's name fits in one column. 

Create a Word Document that includes 2-3 of these columns - Print & Cut! 

Print lots of these! 
(Just don't print so many that you don't leave room for a new student or two or three to join you throughout the year when you will need to update and reprint your list. 

Keep your stack of columns handy! 
I typically kept several in my classroom desk drawer...and several in my teacher where they were ALWAYS handy! 

As field trip permission slips were returned, I crossed names off of a list. 
As math homework was returned, I crossed names off of a list. 
As students were featured as student-of-the-week, I crossed names off of a list. 
As special projects were presented to the class, I crossed names off of a list. 

This allowed me to quickly look at my list and see who:
had yet to turn in their field trip permission slip...
needed to complete their math homework...
were waiting to be featured as student-of-the-week...
had not yet presented their special project to the class...

*Use a sharpie...or a highlighter...something that will make it as easy as possible for you to use these lists for quick glancing!*

Yes, each stack of papers (seatwork, homework, quizzes, tests, etc.) had one of these lists attached to it. Not only was I easily able to keep track of missing work, but I was able to record scores/grades/etc. next to each name and then very quickly enter those scores in to my grade book - hard copy & online. 

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